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  1. Here's mine:

    In 1998 I flew to Chicago to buy a 1995 Trans Am. I would be driving it back to Pennsylvania through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. I was stopping at friends' houses along the way. On the second day of the trip I was really screwing around on a rather desolate Ohio TP. Things like doing 55mph and then running it up to 100mph. Take in mind I have no license plate on the car, but do have the proper window tag from the Illinois State Dept. While I'm messing around I fail to realize an Ohio State Trooper come up behind me. He pulled up to my driver quarter panel, looked at the window tag, floored it and passed me. I was breaking the law by speeding and the only thing I can muster is that he didn't want to be bothered w/ somehow having to deal w/ the window sticker and no plate on the car.

    Let's hear the I'm lucky I didn't get a ticket stories.
  2. I'm not going to admit to anything I didn't get caught doing but I got an Assault On A Police Officer charge thrown out and a small civil award for wrongful arrest when is was 17. Turns out if your a plain clothes cop its a good idea to identify your self or even attempt to speak to kids walking through a park after its closed rather then walking up behind them and smacking one in the back of the head with your night stick. And if said kid takes a swing at you, it is actually self defense.
  3. This is just asking for a ticket
  4. And here I thought the thread would be about epic concerts that one missed.

    Of which I have a few, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  5. I have never gotten out of a ticket.

    I once got 2 tickets in 1 week, the second was in front of the rapper Nelly's house in St. Louis. I don't listen to him, and I didn't know who he was until I was there, but that's my only claim to fame.

    I've had 4 tickets for speeding, but that was all during the teenage years, before I learned to not get caught! :thumbup:
  6. brianw

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    Driving up the Beeline Highway from Phoenix to Prescott, Nice fall Day top down on a 1966 MGB... Going about 85 to ninety.... Lights go on behind me... AZ state Trooper. Walks up to the car and asks "How's it going"... my smart ass replay "About 90" He starts laughing and says " You are the first honest person I met this month, keep the speed down".... missed a bullet there
  7. I have so many "should have gotten a ticket stories that I'll just narrow it down to my favorite two.

    Back before college I was working a construction job that had me leaving the house around 5:30 AM to make it on time. I drove this old, but surprisingly fast and powerful, 1986 Pontiac Grande Pre that took way too long to warm up in the winter. One particularly cold morning I was on one of the back roads I took to work and decided I was too cold and the car wasn't warming up fast enough so I floored it up to about 80 MPH in a 45 zone to speed up the process. The next thing I know I see a county cop pulling up beside me out of no where and motioning for me to slow down. I guess it was too cold for him because he didn't pull me over...

    Another time I actually got two tickets for speeding and expired registration. When I went to court the clerk couldn't find my tickets. She started to tell me she was going to reset the court date when the judge cut her off and told her that my tickets were being dropped since they made the mistake. His exact words were "This young man made it up here in time for court and probably had to take time off work, but we lost his tickets. It wouldn't be fair for us to inconvenience him another day for our mistake." First and last time I've ever been treated so fairly in court...
  8. This is my favorite one to tell. Summer of '02 my father bought me a Lexus IS300. Over the course of a few months I've made it very fast yet quite illegal for VA driving (used to live in N.VA) intake,chipped,exhaust and removed 3 cats and put in a header w/straightpipe. Anyways I was driving on the parkway heading towards Springfield, near the exit coming up I floor it to 145 (yes it can go that fast) no later than 2 minutes I get pulled over by an undercover police officer. Here's how it went.

    Cop- "Son, you need a good explanation for this."
    me- "honestly sir I couldn't tell you."
    cop- "well, I have a son that does crazy driving like you."
    me- "sorry for my recklessness."
    cop- "consider this your lucky day, SLOW DOWN."

    that being said he sends me on my way. To this day I have never gone that fast again and am thankful someone was watching over me that day.
  9. I've only received one ticket in my life. I'm a careful driver, and try to be precise (e.g., if it's 55, I set the cruise at 60...there's no column on the ticket for going 5 or less mph over the limit :biggrin1:). Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off when being pulled over on the PA Turnpike.

    For some reason, the state of PA decided to create "safety zones" on the pike. I don't remember these having anything at all to do with construction. Basically, you'll be ripping along at whatever the acceptable speed is, and then BLAM, you're in a 55 mph zone. No warning, just an orange sign that says SAFETY ZONE.

    Well, surprise surprise, I didn't notice one of these ridiculously stupid orange signs. Thanks, Pennsylvania state trooper, for not having mercy on an out-of-state driver. However, though I was living in KY at the time, my car still had NY plates (which I'm guessing is why the trooper was a jerk to me). NY, praise the Lord, doesn't count out-of-state tickets against you, so no points, no insurance hike. At least I dodged that one.

    The REALLY funny part is that just five days earlier, my wife also received her first ticket. :laugh:
  10. A time many moons ago when I was hazed into my college wrestling team, standing next to a cop, wearing only a tshirt work and work out shorts in November (in Duluth MN mind you) with a freshly shaven head, writing all over my fast, mostly talking about how I was so and so's b#$%@ and probably the drunkest I've ever been in my entire life. About the only thing I remember was the cop telling my friends to get me home, which was prudent, though at the time I was only 18 and probably belonged in Detox at the moment.

    A moment that probably surpasses this was a time I was walking out of a bar with my friends to go across the border for later bar hours, I was fairly toasted at the time too, someone yells COPS, and tells me to toss my bottle, which I do... and it promptly lands right at the officers feet! First thing out of his mouth was what the "fnhiemer" did you do that for? I shrugged and told him I dropped and that I was sorry :blush: He told my friends to get me home, which we did if you count the bars across the border as home like we did back then lol. Dang lucky I didn't end up in jail for that one.
  11. I flew over a crest doing 90 and saw a cop with radar. In my rear view mirror I saw him pull out and knew he was coming after him. I remembered years ago, when I was a young pup, driving with my boss, who pulled over and waited for the cop to catch up. He was so surprised that he let him go.

    I did the same and it worked. Nobody ever waits for the cop to catch you.

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