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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by seizure, May 11, 2012.

  1. I've long enjoyed and used the Speick bar soap for both showers and my hands - thoroughly enjoy the smell and the lather.

    Today I got around to finally trying a shave stick I've had stuffed in a cabinet for ages... Didn't notice much of that wonderful scent at all. Has anyone else experienced this, or did I just get a dud stick? Or maybe my nose was on strike today.

    Lather was great, shave was great, but I miss that wonderful Speick smell wafting up into my nostrils...

    Also, other than the usual pill bottle, any suggestions on a method of storage for traveling?
  2. I used the Speick stick this morning and the scent was definitely there. My stick was bought only 2 months ago though.
  3. Well, there's where our friend tallow plays its paper. I'd define the speick stick scent as incredibly "green" and fresh... covered by massive amounts of lard.
  4. Used Speick shaving soap stick today for the first time. I love the smell. It lathered quickly and provided a slick and cushioning shave. A winner!
  5. djh

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    I notice plenty of scent from the Speick stick, but I haven't tried the hand soap, so I am unable to compare. If the hand soap is half as good as the other products from Speick which I have tried, it must be fantastic.
  6. "I've had stuffed in a cabinet for ages..."

    keep it in a ziploc freezer bag at the least. tupperware or plastic container is best
  7. i love the shave stick, and i just used the shaving cream for the first time the other day and love that too. i need the regular soap as well, i cant get enough of the wonderful speick scent.
  8. Can anyone describe the scent?

    I only have the Speick deoderant stick. The scent of that reminds me of Ricola cough drops.

    Is the shaving soap similarly scented?
  9. jazzguy

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    My shave stick has strong scent that is very similar to the bath bar.
  10. It reminds me of the original Polo Cologne...only more muted, with a bit of a spicey (almost menthol) kick. It's a very refreshing and masculine smell...to me. YMMV...and so forth.
  11. My speick shaving stick has a fresh, full scent. I keep it well sealed in a pill bottle. Really like the shave stick :thumbup:

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