Spanish Speakers/Writers i need your help

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  1. ok, well as the title states i need help translating some english into Spanish
    for tattoos, as i have a Día de los Muertos theme that i'm in the middle of having tattooed,

    Eat Your Heart Out

    Supreme Being

    Die with Envy

    these are all i can think of for now,

    any help will be great,
    i haven't gone by the online translation sites as sometimes they don't translate correctly

    thank you

  2. Do you want "pure Spanish" or Mexican/TexMex/Spanglish?

    I'm thinking since you're going with day of the dead theme, that you might prefer a Mexican translation.

    They'll be close but I doubt they'll be the same.

    Why do you want something tattooed in a language you don't comprehend?

    I can check with some of my hands and get a translation in either Salvadoran or Mexican. I've got both working for me.

  3. Hi mate, well yeah Mexican would be better pls,
    Well I would no the meaning, and most others wouldn't, if you catch my meaning,

    Thank you!
  4. I'm not fluent in Spanish, but I'm not sure "Eat your heart out" will have a good translation into Spanish as its an english saying for being envious of something. Literally saying "Cómete tu corazón" would not have the same meaning. I'd look for a native speaker to reply with a similar meaning idiom.
  5. Cool thank you
  6. I speak spanish! (native).
    All those phrases are related with the envy idea, right?

    If that is the case you can translate them as:

    Carcome tu corazón
    Ser Supremo
    Muere de envidia

    Hope it help
  7. thats cool, thank you mate!!


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