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  1. Single Edge Razors never seem to get the appreciation, nor attention that Double Edge Razors do. I think part of it is due to more of us has memories of family members using DE's as well as there are plenty of current models in production.

    I was one of those who started DE shaving because my father used them, but on my 18th birthday I had switched to an Astra, which I had used for a good part of my adult life. Once returning to classic shaving I acquired the two razors I knew my dad had used, a Super Speed Flare Tip and a Slim Adjustable.

    Within days RAD began and I was well into 18 plus DE razors, both vintage and new within the first month. Although I would see post here and there on SE's, I never gave them much thought of purchasing one, although many user grade ones can be found in the $10-$15 range.

    When ItsMeDave offered the 1912 tour I through my name on the list, mostly thinking "I can say I tried it" and get back to my beloved modern DE razors. Little did I know, that first shave would dramatically change my view on wet shaving.

    For close to three weeks now, I have been using SEs every day. Sometimes for the full shave, sometimes for one pass, but everyday during one of my two daily shaves I will use only an SE.

    What shocked me the most was the audio feedback that provided the 1912 provided, much more than even my 2011 R41. As far as the shave, mild, no irritation at all, but extremely close.

    The night of my first SE shave I broke what was my favorite, the R41 for my evening shave. After one pass I switched back to the 1912, primarily because I knew I could attain a BBS without removing a few layers of skin cells. I felt so nice to get a shave this close without the "rawness" i had grown accustomed too.

    That began my lover affair with the 1912 and SE's.

    I hope that this thread will help open dialogue and on going discussions of SE's in the same way BOTOC has open up people in trying and discussing Open Combs.

    So if you are a LOSER, be proud of he fact, I know that I am.

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  3. I think my autostrop from my collection will qualify $Valet autostrop 001.jpg $Valet autostrop 003.jpg $Valet autostrop 005.jpg $Valet autostrop 006.jpg $Valet autostrop 002.jpg
  4. Hey April,

    Did that come with a pack of sealed blades? They look sealed from pic.
  5. With razors like that... a LOSER is a good thing! Those are beautiful!

  6. Now I know I am a Derp! They are sealed still with the original wrap on them! Never opened :eek2:

  7. I can't wait to try my first SE..!
  8. Nice, very nice. That vey well may be the first of your razors that I may try.
  9. The one I sent you ? :lol: It should give you plenty of practice

  10. Well, I promise to reserve it for you :) Since, I only collect them it really is a shame that they are not getting any whisker play :glare:

  11. I'll send you out a 1912 and some blades on Monday or Tuesday.
  12. Well now maybe you see why one of the 1st ones I obtained was the everready :) Even if i don't use them I admire the way they look. The handles are beautiful!
  13. Congratulations, Arley! Very well said and i await my OCMM to give it a try. The Bullit and the Ever Ready that i had were too mild for me, so i want to see what an Open-Comb SE is like! i will report back and let you know if i, also, am a loser! However, i think you need another term, my friend, as this one denotes too much negativity for such beautiful tools! How about "The Singledger"?
    Continue your proselytizing and, you know, you are going to have to change your avatar picture and name! Hello Eli​! Hehe!
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  14. or SERLOVER it has a nice ring to it .

    This is the replacement for the Everready that I just can't get the black off of. As you know I like complete sets in cases. $gem micromatic.jpg
  15. ya...gotta do something about the name....LOSER has way too much negative energy! I wouldnt want to be a loser even if I loved Single edge razors...
  16. Just finished my 1st successful SE shave. 1912 with the rounded head. Very, very nice. A fair bit of blood flowed, though. This really requires no pressure, right? The 2nd and 3rd passes were better as I figured it out. I picked up 200 GEM blades in the recent group buy. Now I'm in the 1st stages of SERAD.
  17. I aspire to be a LOSER. Nice idea!

    i think I'm getting BABUGAD though (badger and blade user group acquisition disorder)
  18. I love my SE razors ... shave-wise, if I had started SE then gotten into DE - well, I'd been a little disappointed with DE!

    Yesterday, I tried a VALET AutoStrop -same model as Mooshi Kin pictured above- with a Feather blade and got a nice shave with not a drop of blood!

    Of course as my signature line states, the GEM OCMM is my main SE razor (using GEM PTFE blades).

    LOSER = Winner! :blink:
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    Glad to see the Love for SE's.. Remember Injectors fit in here as well. The sportscar of the SE's.
  20. Just had a wonderful shave with what I think is an Everready this evening! (I bought several SEs when I started out but not sure which is which now!)

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