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  1. I would like to invite all B&B members to the So. Cal. meet up on Sat. April 24th. The event will take place at BJ's Restaurant in Laguna Hills at noon. Myself and gaj90027 are currently making arrangements for the event, we hope to have a vendor or two, some good eats, conversation, and just a all around good time. So, mark your calendars and if you have any questions vitaman or gaj90027 can be PMed. Let me know if you can make it with a reply in this thread so we can get an approx. head count. Looking forward to meeting everyone! (Any additions to the event will be made further down in this thread)
  2. Hmm... I might be in. That's two hours away from those in Northern Los Angeles... which appears to be a lot of us. Maybe we should compromise on a more central location such as Wurstkuche in Downtown Los Angeles or Haven Gastropub in Orange County? Just a thought.

    Also BJ's can be found any old where in Southern California. The place should be a little more 'out-of-the-ordinary' for those traveling more than an hour away.
  3. You should set up another one. Make it a day I can attend though!:wink2:
    Vita, I won't be able to make the two hour drive either, WORK!
  4. Work permitting, I'd love to attend. I've been to several meets at another forum I participate at and they're always a great time. It would be great to meet a few people here, too.
  5. It's about a 2 hr. drive for as well. Maybe we could do 1½ hrs. somewhere central to us South Calers
  6. It would be a maybe for me. I'd like to go but it is a little on the far side for me also.

  7. At the moment I'm a YES. However, travel for work can always rear its ugly head.
  8. Count me in
  9. +1
  10. LA members, I chose Laguna Hills because it is in the middle of SD and LA counties and freeway close. It is my intention to try and cater to everyone.
  11. It's a bit far for me as well, but I agree, So. Cal is a big area and you did well to make it central. I will be there if possible, work and SWMBO permitting. Maybe another meet for those a little farther north could be set up by someone as well? Sorry, no, trust me. You want someone you can trust. Larry

    (make name tags out of your avatars so we will recognize you)
  12. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    Say hello for me to all the mods who show up. Oh, that's right...... Never mind. :lol:
  13. JPM


    I'll have to let you know closer to the event. I might be traveling.
  14. I might make it down there even though it is a 2.5 - 3.5 hour drive from my area..

  15. Hi Everyone,

    I'm excited to work with Keith on this get together and can't wait to meet you all in person.

    We have a confirmed reservation at BJ's on April 24th and if we get a solid count of 19 or more for our gathering we can take advantage of the unlimited pizza and salad buffet for $12.95 per person. The food is great and the beer selection is pretty amazing as well. :thumbup1:

    I would like to ask anyone who is definitely going to attend to post a reply to this thread and send me a PM so I can start the official head count.

    We have invited a very popular online vendor who is almost 100% confirmed as well as my favorite local AD enabler - Matt from OU Beauty in Glendale. Matt is very excited to join us and will bring free samples to get the party started :w00t:. I will let Keith announce the online vendor once we have a definite yes or no.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
  16. Only an hour away for me sounds good :thumbup1:
  17. I will be attending:blushing:

    PM sent
  18. Here's my drive time according to google:

    61.9 mi – about 1 hour 6 mins (up to 1 hour 40 mins in traffic)

    there is a toll road though.. do I need a special pass or just cash?
  19. I'm not gonna turn up in someone's basement in some container right?:001_tongu
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