Source for Williams Shave Cream?

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  1. Does anyone have a source for Williams Shave Cream? NOT the soap, I am of course referring to the cream that is made in Holland and marketed in France. I had a Member send me a tube last year, and I am really liking it. Seems that no one in the States carries it--Giovanni used to, but his store is Kaput. I have looked everywhere, tho I'm sure I'm missing some overseas vendors.

    Any sources out there?
  2. Not trying to revive a long dead thread/post, but I thought it better than starting a brand new one asking the same thing as this one. Does anyone know if this is still produced and if so, where it can be bought online?
    Thank you.
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    This was the France/Belgium production of one the worlds best creams,sadly ,I think it has been discontinued as of a few years ago by the Sara Lee corporation.It is still available,unless by some miracle Sara Lee sold the formula or decided to get it back into production.

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  4. I hate that so many of the old creams/products have gone by the wayside. I know economics fuels this, but it's still sad to see some of them go.
  5. I got mine from Fairly cheap for the tube, but shipping is a little high. Plenty of other low cost items on the site as well.
  6. Thank you for that info! It seems it's unavailable there at the moment. I'll keep looking.

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