SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria - May 2012

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by Marco, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Let's open the SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria of May 2012 with these stunning shots of our B&B SOTD fans! Thank you so much, Gentlemen! :thumbup1:

  2. You have more confidence than I would, Till, at taking part in that. But a fine selection you have made there. Don't you like sticks, seeing that you've grated the Sir Irisch Moos?
  3. Thank you, my friend. Much appreciated:001_smile
  4. You love Castle Forbes Lavender, Bela, I know it. It is wonderful stuff for sure. Great shave and shot!:thumbup1:
  5. Great things here, Erwin. A fabulous close-up!:thumbup1:
  6. Stunning shot, Bill!:thumbup1: I don't go anywhere near a soap with a dryish brush these days. The wet brush approach just seems to transform any soap to a higher level for some reason. And that scent looks intriguing, not to mention a very elegant and prestigious looking bottle.
  7. Excellent shave and pic, Soren!:thumbup1: Something tells me I need to buy a bottle of Boss Cologne/EdT for race days. We can't have just you here, my friend, supporting Ferrari now, can we?! Mclaren needs some support here too, I think!:a50:
  8. Thank you, Marco!

    David, I'm certainly becoming convert to the wet brush theory. I was a cream only guy for the longest time because I didn't get good lathers from soaps, but that has changed lately, and I'm trending towards soaps with a face lather.

    The scent is very nice, and I must admit, I like the bottle design...
  9. Balaji, could we have a duff pic, just for once, my friend?:lol::lol:
  10. Ivan, this is such an elegantly composed shot.:thumbup1: I only acquired my first Hermes scent a couple of months ago and it is quickly becoming a favourite brand for me.:001_smile
  11. How do you like the Tabac AS compared to the Floid Blue, Johnny? Personally, whilst I found the scent of the soap agreeable, the AS just took it that little bit too far for my liking.
  12. Thank you very much Marco! It's been a pleasure contributing and improving

    Thanks David! Lol, i'll try my best but its an OCD thing if I see something blurry and has to be perfect.

  13. Excellent close up! Is that old Tallow Formulation of GFT Rose SS? How does the lather consistency compare to say like Arlington or MWF? Same category or not?
  14. This rose is the newer, reformulated Trumper's soap. I am now on my second puck of this rose, all other Trumper's soaps performing miserably for me. This, however, is wonderful stuff. A recent thread of UK soap comparisons revealed how hit and miss the Trumper's soaps are now in latherability. I have had the good fortune to be sent 2 excellently performing pucks with a magnificent scent. This is a 2008 manufactured soap, the more recent ones appearing to have the quality issues. The lather of this soap stands well with the likes of Harris and MWF
  15. Close-up perfection, Emanuel!:thumbup1:
  16. Thank you Marco!
  17. Thanks a lot David! I was aiming for the glossy retro look from the old picture magazines, but now that I look at it I failed again.
    Which Hermes did you choose?
  18. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    Well I get to switch between my President and my Le Grelot, so I am fairly okay. Plus I really want to test drive this Rooney Beehive so I figured this was a good way.
    Sticks are perfectly fine, but if I am going to be using the same soap then I would prefer it in puck form.
  19. Cool composition and glow! What do you think of the new Proraso splash? I'm a newcomer to the Proraso line and I just picked this up myself - along with the old version so I could compare the two like a good B&Ber :001_smile
  20. +1 - Outstanding, David. What are you using to create your SOTD lately?
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