SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria - June 2012

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by Optometrist, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. A simply stunning shot with that background!:thumbup1:
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  2. The outdoor theme continues! :thumbup1: Is it summer by any chance, Emanuel?!!!:lol:
  3. Absolutely phenomenal pic again!:thumbup:
    P.S. Don't forget next week's theme is Vintage Black & White though!:wink2::lol:
  4. Great editing, Keith!:thumbup1: Until recently I had never tried Floid Blue with La Toja, having always gone with the Spanish Floid Suave. I believe it goes exceptionally well!

  5. Thanks David.

    Floid Blue seems to be my go to after using La Toja. I might try out La Toja followed by the Floid Suave next time.
  6. Two supreme shots, celestino!:thumbup1:
  7. Thank you David!
  8. Thank you very much David. I do not know if I can make some decent photo black and white :001_huh:, but you can trust that I will try. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    The most original pic posted this week! Bravissimo!
  10. Mille grazie, Marco. I am happy that my pictures are appreciated. Take a look at the picture today, with the yo-yo's, if you want.
  11. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Very nice indeed! And yes, your shots are truly appreciated here in the B&B SOTD forum!
  12. The SOTD has moved to an even higher level, IMO, with shots as ingenious as yours, Dr. Dulcamara. Where have you been hiding all this time?????:thumbup::thumbup:
  13. Thank you very much gentlemen. Next week I will try some old style black and white picture, to see if I get well.
  14. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    A truly fantastic pic, David! I think we had a great idea with this weekly theme, I'm already in love with these beautiful old looking shots!
  15. Thank you, Marco:001_smile and a magnificent shot from yourself to commence.:thumbup1: The words "black & white" often come across as something dull, but they generally create some of the finest pics around, I believe. I really adore this format and the week is expected to bring us really outstanding pics...I know it!:thumbup1:
  16. Success, Dr. Dulcamara.....a pic without colour!:wink2::thumbup1: And a mighty fine one it is too!:thumbup1::001_smile
  17. Now this could have been the first Valobra soap of the production line, Emanuel! A beautifully themed shot, my friend!:thumbup1:
  18. Those Garanti-Solingen straights take a nice edge, Joszef. I have a round pointed one and love it. And a wonderful pic too!:thumbup1:
  19. Erwin, your talent in both composition and shot is exceptional, my friend!:thumbup1:
  20. A stunning pic if I may say:thumbup1:
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