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  1. Hi Guys...Sent these out to Reliable Electroplating back in January. They're now back. Spoke with Dale several times during this project and he is a good guy who does very nice work. I had 3 razors in for plating... a 1936 Aristocrat Deluxe in gold, a Bobs, Razorworks creation to be done in Black nickel and a Merkur/Solingen? razor in bright nickel. They turned out beautifully. I've shown the "before" and "after" shots because there's a huge difference on all 3. Really happy with the razors and now I have to figure out how to re-do the case interior for the Aristocrat. The wife thinks I'm nuts but I'm having fun.

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  2. They all look great, but that Merkur OC is the bomb!
  3. +1. The Merkur is something special.
  4. Black nickel is bad ass IMO
  5. Intrigued

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    Beautiful! :001_tt1:
  6. That Aristocrat is nice!!!
  7. Very nice. Did they have much experience with razors before your order?
  8. Yes, Reliable has been doing plating for razors for some time now.
  9. Nothing like having one come home from Reliable Electroplating, it's like Christmas! Wonderful looking replates!
  10. Thanx Alex
    I was thinking about trying a "flocking" material for the inside but just might get the velvet and try that
  11. Very, very nice. I am a big proponent of re-plating. I have three re-plated Gillettes and a Fatboy in the works. My re-plated Gillettes will out live me.
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  12. That black nickel thing looks like the razor The Punisher would use...
  13. Yes, I gotta admit I'm fond of the New in Black nickel myself. Now I'm waiting on Dave @ocrazorman to let me know when the razors I've got with him will be done. Having way too much fun.
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    They do good work!

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