Soaps without tallow... Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Le Buzz, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I read on a daily basis rants and raves about tallow based soaps, MWF, Cella, QCS, and on and on. I have oily skin and so am wary of trying anything with tallow.

    My favorite soaps thus far are Cade and Mama Bears. What other soaps should I try? I know there's MdC, but then again that's not really an option.

    Thanks Gents.
  2. #1 choices would be RazoRock's Muguet de France or any of the RazoRock croaps. I hear the 888 / King Louis line is incredible, but I have no personal experience with those.

    If RazoRock is out of the question, I vote for Provence Sante Green Tea or Institut Karite if you want to try and remain tallow-free.
  3. Pre de Provence or Institut Karite. Can't go wrong with French soaps especially when you don't want tallow.
  4. Le Buzz in a few weeks the Vendor who is also the creator of all things named RazoRock will be coming out with a new line of Shave Soaps that everyone here is eagerly waiting. He will offer these soaps for a one week only introduction order of $3.99 and they will not contain any tallow. If you want to go ahead and try some of their non-tallow soaps then consider Fresco, RazoRock Cacao, or RazoRock Classic Shave soap. Also take a look at a Shave Stick called La Toja it comes from Spain and is non-tallow. FYI you can read more about the new line of RazoRock Soaps in the Vendor section of this forum under Italian Barber March Update.
  5. Those are good ideas, and I would add Calani and Dittmar. But why does oily skin = no tallow?
  6. I would not worry about the tallow. There is no actual tallow remaining in the final product- it has been fully saponified. It should not affect your oily skin. Just my two cents :001_smile
  7. I agree with Matt.

    On the other hand, LaToja stick makes an amazing lather even without tallow.
  8. +1 on PSGT. Excellent soap. Also Tcheon Fung Sing soaps -Barbe Rosse especially.
  9. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    Check out Saint Charles Shave soaps. They are slick with plenty of cushion and they leave your skin moisturized. There isn't any tallow but one could never tell from their performance. Great stuff. My shave den is chock full of those little pucks.
  10. +2 Besides RR MdF and PSGT, I feel the need to add the EJ/Muhle and TOBS Jarmyn St soaps.
  11. If you don't want tallow and don't want to spend the $$ on MdC, I would try La Toja sticks. They are one of the only non tallow soaps I can use without my face feeling weird.
  12. +1 on the Razorock, honestly though I have very oily skin myself, and I don't find any of the tallow soaps a problem. MWF on the other hand has lanolin in it which can make me feel "kind of" oily. It's great for those days when the wind is blowing out of the North, dryer air. Also, if you get an alum block/stick I don't even have a problem with the MWF on more humid days.

    I think most of the problems with the oily skin is going to come from using after shave lotions and some balms that I have tried.

    As far as the Razorock I prefer the artisan soaps, which contain tallow, but I have also used the non tallow XXX and King Louis. The King Louis is an awesome soap, usually my night shaving soap since it is lavender scented.

    Good luck!
  13. rxonmymind not sure if you have been following ItalianBarber March Madness update but I noticed you recommended Tcheon Fung Sing soaps. The new line of Soaps that RazoRock is bringing to market are the Tcheon Fung Sing Soaps. They are being made by TFS and branded with the RazoRock label for the North American market. Read the thread starting about page 10 and that will give you the best information.
  14. Echoing others, my favorites are Pre de Provence, Provence Sante Green Tea, and Gold Dachs (thought to be the same or very similar to Dittmar). I also like La Toja but haven't shaved with it long enough to credibly recommend.

    Mama Bear is good. Honeybee is another great value.
  15. Many of my favorite soaps and creams actually do not contain any tallow whatsoever. I do not think you need tallow to make a good shaving soap at all.

    Here are some highlights off the top of my head:

    Martin de Candre
    RazoRock Fresco
    Pre de Provence
    Provence Sante Green Tea
    Nanny's Silly Soaps (both her hard soap and her soft soaps are great)
    Calani (buy direct for better pricing)
    La Toja Stick
    Taylor's Jermyn St.
    Valobra Crema di Sapone Purissima (AKA Valobra Almond)
    Edwin Jagger/Muhle Aloe & Sea Buckthorn (some folks have trouble lathering these - I don't, they just require more patience and a stiffer brush...some members use them like a shave stick)
    Castle Forbes Lavender & Lime (thick creams that need to be loaded like soaps)
    Jabonman (made from scratch Artisan soap from Spain, phenomenal stuff)
    Tabula Rasa (marketed as a cream in the U.S. but more of a soft soap)

    The above list should keep you busy for awhile...
  16. Don't forget Klar Kabinette! One of the finest bargains out there.
  17. :thumbup: That would be my #1 choice as well
  18. I was just mentally going through my soaps to give a recommendation, but I came to the realization that I dont own a non tallow soap...Tabac, DR Harris, Mike's, Boots....

    I also have oily skin, and there is no reason to have a non tallow soap to make that better

    Stick with the tallow
  19. I'd add the T&H luxury soap to this list.
  20. Tallow soap is probably BETTER for your skin - it makes it healthy, not oily.

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