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  1. I guess this not really belong here but it seems kind of related to shaving, if it belongs in one of the other forums please move it.

    What soaps/washes do you use in the shower for daily cleansing. I see makers like Musgo, GTF and TOBS make bath soaps. Has anyone used them? Are they antibacterial? Are they any good? Do they smell nice? Are they worth it at upwards of $8 a bar?

  2. I'm trying out nancy boy's bar soap, and I picked up a few different kinds from whole foods like chamomile, almond cherry, and pine tar (yes, pine tar) and I'm enjoying them more than bottled shower gel. I would think bath soap is a far easier decision than shaving soap. I definitely stay away from antibacterial soap for several reasons.
  3. $8 for body soap sounds like big girls territory to me.
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    I have used the Queen Charlotte's Soap bars for body and shampoo. I am now using Musgo Real classic scent which smells just like the shave cream and the A/S. I love it. I am still using the QCS shampoo bar too. Better than the stuff in a bottle!
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    I received 'Of a man' from The Body Shop for fathers day and really like it. It's a great scent and lathers well, and has been great for my scalp.
  6. I used to use all the fancy artisan soaps but for cost reasons I switched over to Old Spice Swagger. It's actually quite nice and I like the scent.
  7. I usually use the Yardley soaps, but try to splurge on Mama Bear bath soaps every couple of bars. Their performance is wonderful, and they smell amazing. Highly recommended!
  8. I've been using Yardley, but picked up some Kirk's Castile at Wally World and some other Triple Milled Soap at Big Lots to give them a try.
  9. In the summer I use any soap because with the heat and humidity my skin doesn't get dry, flaky, and itchy.

    In the winter it is a different story. What I have done the past few years is collect soap slivers, melt them down, and add glycerin to moisturize my skin. You can get glycerin either at Wal Mart or a drugstore.
  10. I've been using Yardley, but picked up some Kirk's Castile at Wally World and some Amalfi brand soap at Big Lots to give them a try. Feel like I am get AD with bath soaps now.
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    Stirling Soap
  12. I like Irish Spring, C. O. Bigelow's mentha bar, Filthy Farmgirl soap, and Dr. Bronner's soap bars.
  13. Dr. Bronners liquid soap, CO Bigelow Mentha, Stirling Bar Soap
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    :laugh:! Slightly guilty as charged, but what the hell. I've indulged myself in a quest for a soap that won't have me constantly scratching myself, but honestly, I haven't had much luck. I've tried Claus Porto soaps, MWF bar soap. Roger and Gallet, and more economical brands from the store. Kirk's Castile provides for me an almost indescribable burning sensation around the eyes. Claus Porto bars are hard milled, and seem to last forever.

    A body wash I've found, and have fallen in love with, is Magno. It lathers like mad, the smell is really great, and it has lanolin and glycerin. I don't have the itchy shins I used to have, so I think I've found my keeper. Winter weather will be the true test as to whether I'll continue to use it.

  15. Stirling soaps are cheap and AWESOME. On sale right now, too. The bars that are on sale are $1.50 per. For good, artisan soap.
  16. For my body, I use a bar of CVS Sensitive Skin Bar. It's basically the CVS version of the Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin.

    I really cannot get excited about body soap. The CVS stuff works fine for me. It gets me clean, it's fragrance free and it's really cheap.
  17. Mistral Cedarwood Marine is the best bar soap I have ever used. $10 shipped via Amazon Prime for a huge 250g triple milled bar. Best combination of performance, scent, and value that I have found. It's the only scent from Mistral that I have tried thus far, but the other scents are coming right up as soon as I work down my soap collection a bit.
  18. My vote is for Cetaphil[SUP]®. [/SUP]Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar. In 2007, my dermatologist recommended this soap to me for my dry and sensitive skin. I use it in the shower, as a twice daily face wash and I'm totally satisfied with the great results. It's a very "effective cleanser that removes surface bacteria and provides [the] skin with unique, dual-action moisturizing and deodorant benefits in a mild, non-soap formulation". :thumbsup:

    Cetaphil® Antibacterial Cleaning Bar

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    MWF Bath Soap has almost completely kicked Mike's Bath Soap to the PIF curb. I love the Mike's scent, but I love the MWF feel even more. On the other hand, I intend to never shampoo with anything ever again except Mike's shampoo soap bar.
  20. I use Irish Spring or Dove. Although the Dove has moisturizers I much prefer the scent of Irish Spring

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