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  1. So I was going to shave but forgot to clipper my goatee down to match the stubble on the rest of my face so I had a bowl full of lather sitting there with nothing to do. My girlfriend ended up getting a shower right after me and I told her to use it to shave her legs and now I think she's addict. She was adamant about how much better it was than the aresol shaving cream she normally uses and how much shoother and less irritating her shave was than normal(well, duh! :001_cool:) so I told her I'd buy her a a brush, soap, and mug. She ended up using my TOBS sandalwood and since I'm not trying to have her smell like a guy, I figured I'd try and find a good soap/cream that she would like. I mentioned TOBS had rose and lavender scents, but I've never smelled them before to have any idea what they're like. She said either would be fine, that or a citrus-ey scent.

    So, any suggestions on a cream/soap that's more femine than TOBS sandalwood.
  2. I have some TOBS Lavender cream and its nice. A friend (thanks Turtle) sent me a Trumper Rose cream sample that I really like. As for citrus I like the Razorock Caprician Lemon very much.
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  3. Institut Karite soap!
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    Get some Kiss My Face for her. It's good, available at most health food stores, cheap, comes in several fragrances, and is easy to use in the shower, as it comes in an 11 ounce pump bottle
  5. Anything she likes and finds efficient for her. There is no problem for a woman to wear a "man scent", like they wear trousers etc.
    By the way they often do it.

  6. My wife picked bay rum of all scents. I was surprised, but she really likes it. My sandlewood and lemon scented soaps were too manly for her, as she put it.
  7. But it's kind of wierd having her legs smell like my face. :D
  8. TOBS Rose Shave Cream makes a good lather, and smells marvelous. For a soap in rose, try Klar Kabinett.
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    The artisan soapmakers all have citrus, and floral scents. Check out Mama Bear's Soaps, Mike's Natural Soaps, and Queen Charlotte Soaps, to name a few.
  10. +1
  11. Just one word.......BACON.
  12. I suppose it depends on your cultural upbringing. In some cultures, rose, lavender, and jasmine are traditionally male scents, while in others they are too "soft," and thus considered feminine. Seeing as you're from the USA, I would go for maybe those softer, floral scents, as those tend to be associated with femininity here. I'd personally avoid rose and lavender for a woman, but then again I've always thought of those as traditionally masculine scents. Same for jasmine.
    On the other hand, I think for a cream/soap it doesn't really matter all that much as long as she likes it, since the scents don't really stick after you rinse the lather off.
  13. I guess it's just the TOBS then. I don't put cologne on when I shave because I can smell the sandalwood scent for hours. I shaved about 7 hours ago and can still get a faint wiff of sandalwood.
  14. Interesting. Might be your skin type, too. My TOBS Eton College doesn't stick around long, but then again different scents might have different longevity, I wouldn't know as it's the only TOBS I've had. I know that for me, most soaps and creams vanish within a half hour.
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    My wife stole my TOBS Lavendar and never looked back. She gets to smell all my soaps and creams, and that is still her top pick.
  16. Mike's Natural Soap - Lily of the Valley.

    Smells goods. Incredibly moisturizing.
  17. Klar Kabinette - you can both use it!
  18. Any of the floral scents Rose, Lavender, also +1 to KMF.
  19. As a lady shaver, I'll add my two cents. I agree with those above that any of the floral or citrus scents from the respected brands would be much appreciated. I was introduced to wet shaving by an ex-bf and I was initially surprised that many of the scents used aren't overly masculine. I only stay away from the sandalwoods & the named ones that often smell like men's cologne (e.g Harris' Marlborough, T&H's Grafton). Rose isn't my favorite (a bit too "old-lady" for my taste, although I do want to try Klar one day), but have loved all of the lavenders that I've used (TOBS, CF, & QCS). +1 to the Mike's Lily of the Valley & KMF recommendations. KMF is good if she wants to shave in the shower - I like the lime & pomegranate-grapefruit. I also enjoy coconut and even the classic clean soap scents are nice too. With the cold weather, MWF & Haslinger's sea algae are the ones I'm using the most right now . So basically, you have a lot of good ones to choose from!
  20. My wife wanted to use my EJ razor and I picked her up Trumpers Coconut which she loves. Knew she would like the coconut as it's a gender neutral scent and it would remind her of when we've traveled to the Caribbean - the coconut drinks, suntan oil, etc. Another consideration was it would provide a new DE shaver superior easy-to-make lather. A side consideration was that I wanted to try it as well in case she didn't like it. She LOVES it.

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