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  1. Question for those of you Old Spice shaving mug users. What soap refills do you use in your old spice mug? Are there cakes that fit nicely and others that will not fit at all? I am thinking of obtaining an old spice mug and using it for my soap container. Suggestions?

    Justin C.
  2. Mitchells Wool Fat fits nicely. I believe a Trumper refill would do so as well.
  3. Buy whatever soap you like. If it doesn't fit, you can take a cheese grater to it and firmly pack the shavings into the mug. The soap will perform exactly as it did when it was in it's original shape.
  4. No, no... It's an Old Spice mug it needs an Old Spice soap.

    so you go to and ya get the finest replication of Old Spice shaving soap ever made, Mama Bear's "Aged Spice".
    Melt it for a few seconds in the microwave, pour it in the mug, let it set up, lather up and whistle while you shave!
  5. And don't forget that she makes this scent in a Bath Soap also. When I shower it fills the entire bathroom with Old Spice goodness.
  6. I'll have to check her Aged Spice out. I've heard other guys say that it's not very close to real Old Spice, but you seem like you know what you're talking about. :biggrin:

    I've tried making my own OS shave soap, but it just doesn't come out very Old Spice-y. Now I just call it Bay Rum and everyone loves it. :frown:
  7. Get the real thing. Refills come up often on ebay. I'm using some I purchased back in the late 70's and it is darn good soap.
  8. it's a perfect fit. :001_smile
  9. True, but lately there's been a tremendous price spike on ebay for Old Spice soap. It's good, but not 10-20 dollar a puck good. I remember five or six years ago when they went for .25 a puck.
  10. johnniegold

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    The Col. Conk pucks fit perfectly.
  11. I've used Williams, VDH, Colgate, and Burma Shave in mine over the years without any problems. Right now I'm using my Old Spice mug as a lathering bowl for creams and it works perfectly for that too.
  12. You might poll some of the folks on here who used OS quite a bit but from what I can tell, she nailed the scent.
  13. I use an Old Spice mug for C&E Sweet Almond. The puck slides around for the first few uses then glues itself in place and works well.
  14. Pirates Cove soaps fit perfectly without melting them.
  15. I use only Old Spice mugs and every thing seems to go in OK. Currently have:
    1. Tabac
    2. SCS Savoy Rose
    3. C&E Sandalwood
    4. C&E Nomad
    5. Ogallala Bay Rum
    6. VDH base melted with bits and pieces left over from other soaps
    7. Old Spice soap early 70's
    8. L'occitane Cade
    9. Colonel Conk Almond Shaving
    10. Williams
  16. I've been trying to build up a stock and spending under $15 or $20 per and it is not easy! These things are popular!
  17. +1 I've done this with several soaps!
  18. In 2003 I bought six pucks off a BIN auction for less than five dollars shipped. The things were so plentiful and cheap then, that I used the OS all up within the year. When I went to find some more I was astonished that I couldn't find a single puck for less than five dollars. Now, five dollars is a giant bargain! Damn you, internet shaving forums!
  19. Glad to hear that all of these fit. I haven't used tabac in the past, but now that I know it will fit in my old spice mug, I'll have to order a refill puck.

    Thanks to all who have made suggestions.

    Justin C.
  20. Every soap on the planet fits an Old Spice mug. Buy whatever soap you like and remill it with a cheeze grater. Pack the shredded soap into the mug. Worry about getting a great soap, not what fits the mug you like. The only problem I can see is that swapping out pucks is pretty much impossible if you mill your soap. Just get more Old Spice mugs, right?


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