So maybe I'm lucky? (Birth Year Super Adjustable score)

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  1. So I've only been DE shaving for a (very) short time, but was quickly taken with the idea of owning a birth year razor from my readings, and started looking for a D-code from Gillette (1983, 1st quarter to be exact).

    Immediately found one, down to the quarter, listed on eBay for what I thought was a pretty excessive price. It was listed with a Make an Offer option. Nosed around a bit, and it seems the 80s and later things get a bit tough to track down, so I made what I would consider a low-ball offer to see if there was any traction for negotiation. I'll be a monkey's uncle, but they took my first offer and the deal is closed.

    We'll see what arrives, but I'm pretty excited if for nothing else than owning a useful piece of hardware that's as old as I am for what I consider a very fair price.

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    Congratulations on acquiring your birth year razor!
    Mine is B-4 1981. Took forever to find one and also took a hit to the wallet to acquire it as well! They don't turn up very often and don't sit around long once they do!
  3. Nice score! I've been looking for my birth year for a while....if it comes up, I say grab it like you did or you may end up looking for a looong time.

    Post some pics when you can:thumbup1:
  4. Thanks. That makes me feel a bit better about rushing into it a bit. It didn't seem I'd see another for a while based on my reading.
  5. Graybeard57

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    You'll love using your razor. I have a C1 Red Tip that was my holy grail, and I enjoy it immensely.
  6. Here's the main one from the listing. Again, I never get my hopes up about an eBay sale until I hold it in my hand.

  7. I'm honestly a bit worried I found it without a bit of a challenge. I'm certain it will perform just fine, and that I'll be thrilled to have it in the collection for years to come. But sometimes you want a bit of struggle to get something that appeals to you!
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  8. Ben, Congratulations on a wise decision.
  9. Graybeard57

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    Post pictures once you get it. If it needs a cleanup, everyone here enjoys before and after pictures.
  10. emwolf

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    Being born in the early sixties my birth quarter razor was remarkably easy to find. A quick search on the bay turned up three right away.
  11. I'm trying to find a B-1 - 1981 super adjustable. They don't seem to exist
  12. DCRIII

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    I bought my B-4 from someone in Bulgaria of all places. It's seen more of the world than I have.
    Now if only I could get my hands on a B-4 Black Handle Super Speed!
  13. KeenDogg

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    Very nice, can't wait to see it.

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  14. If I run into one on my travels I'll be sure to let you know. I've been looking high and low
  15. Congratulations! Enjoy the razor!
  16. I'm 1981 as well. B2. I looked for a couple of years and only saw 2 come up, both too rich for my blood. My wife found a NOS 1983 in an antique shop on my birthday last year. Picked it up for around $10 and called it good.
  17. I was looking for a Slim L-3, my birth quarter. I've seen a lot of good offers for L-1 (mainly), L-2 and L-4.
    The few L-3 were always overpriced :001_07:
  18. dexutter

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    Congrats! Been looking for an H-1 ('87) SS or Adjustable, no luck yet (saw a G4 once...)

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