So i ordered a new slant and .......

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  1. I havent shaved in 4 days wating for razor .... 4 whole days . Looking rather homeless , ITCHY , and still Im torturing myself . So have any of you stopped shaving to wait for a razor ?
  2. That's dedication for ya.
  3. Yep done the same myself!
  4. Enjoy the slant. It's a fine one.
  5. I'm sure you'll find the slant to be one fine razor. As for stopping while waiting I also believe that most of us who subscribe to this hobby, have other razors that can be used while they wait.
  6. Let's just hope you don't end up liking the beard!
  7. Quite the opposite. When I ordered razors online I had to hurry up and get my other razors used before the new one came and displaced the old ones forever.
  8. Never stopped shaving for anything.... Last time I did I had a Rip Van Winkle beard for over 10 years.... It's nice not having people go to the other side of the street when they see me walking down the sidewalk towards them.
  9. Just wait till you use this. Imagine a snow plow clearing the street.
  10. Don't worry, that new slant will make quick work of that beard
  11. I always find it a little dangerous to have a few days' growth when I'm trying a new razor. I always get amazing results when I've got a two-day growth, and I'm the impressionable, gullible type that would think the razor was the best thing since sliced bread when it inevitably shaves me smoothly and closely on its first run.
    If a razor can shave me smoothly and closely after a rough shave the day before, then it's truly a great razor.

    Diesel's right, though - my Slanthammer is up there with my Futur for slicing through stubble.
  12. Just a update , got the razor with bic platnium , nancyboy signature , professional horse hair brush, hot towel over lather , then real lather, bbs , no blood , irritation . about 2 passes with touchups . so saved me a pass compared to my other razors .... Feels so good to be clean shaved , I feel clean again
  13. I just picked up my second Hoffritz slant from ebay last night. I love the way they shave. I need to start using it more, I usually save it for when I have two days growth...which is usually never. Once the new one gets here the old one is probably going on B/S/T.
  14. I did the same thing while waiting for my slant to arrive. Ended up being 4 days growth. The slant chewed through it like a hot knife through butter and left me with an absolutely amazing shave.

    I've determined it might be a bit too aggressive for daily shaving on my face (or I just need to keep working on technique with it), but other than that, I love it.

    How's it treating you so far?
  15. I allways do it when waiting for a new razor
  16. I use the 39C on a daily basis. Got it about 3-4 weeks ago and have used it every day since with no indication of this changing going forward. Not finding it aggressive at all and it has pused my Futur, OSS and 38 back into the cupboard. Highly recommended.
  17. Just took my new "vintage" micromatic for a spin this afternoon. Nice little razor, but it won't be dethroning my slant.
  18. Yep, I ordered a Fatip last weekend and waited - had 6 days growth when it arrived :)
  19. i was watching that one on ebay. very nice

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