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  1. For years I was convinced Jack Daniels was the best all around Whiskey. . . .smooth and great taste. Then I discovered aged Canadian Whiskey and have thought that was a bit smoother. Recently my wife gave me a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and I think that is the best yet. I'd be curious to know what your experiences have been with these whiskeys and if there are others you think might be better and smoother. Thanks.
  2. If you like Jameson try Bushmills Irish whiskey, I think it's a little better and about the same price.
  3. Century Reserve 21 year is a very smooth whisky. If its not the smoothest whisky I ever tried, it's one of the top five.
  4. Unfortunately, we don't get that down in Atlanta.

    To the original poster I'm curious about your definition of "smooth" as that would alter my recommendation. A lot of times smooth as most people mean it can be pretty bland in flavor. If you're just looking for a smooth finish with little burn then that's a different story.
  5. That's the definition that I was working under. To me, bland is a taste profile whereas "smooth" is about how "mellow" a drink is to consume.
  6. You should probably post your price range as well, makes a big difference in what recommendations you might get.
  7. Green Spot. A very smooth Irish Whiskey.
  8. That's the definition I am working under too. And by the way, I also live in the Atlanta Area.
  9. You know what they say: Friends don't let friends drink Bushmill's.:lol: It's actually not bad, but I'd rather pay a little extra and get Busmill's Black Bush. Much better all around in my opinion. Of course, if you want to spend a little more, Red Breast is hard to beat, and it's one of only a few Irish whiskeys which are pot still whiskey.
  10. Woodford reserve is a pretty smooth Bourbon, I'd also agree on the Greenspot and add in Redbreast and Glengoyne.
  11. How does Woodford Reserve stack up against Gentleman Jack? (Jack Daniels' aged premium stuff)
  12. Black Bush is much better than regular Bushmills, but the OP was talking about Jameson. IMO, regular Bushmills is better than regular Jameson.

    I agree on Redbreast, I haven't had a lot of Irish Whiskeys, but that's the best I've had.

    It all depends on how much you want to spend.
  13. Woodford is more flavorful but still smooth. Irish whiskey as a category tends to be pretty smooth. Obviously, lower alcohol content aids in less burn but some high proof drinks like George T Stagg are surprisingly smooth given their higher proof.

    For Scotch there are a lot of smooth drams out there with a wide variety of flavor profiles. Dewar's 12 is a good inexpensive and smooth blend, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet are very mild and approachable.

    Irish, I would say Redbreast all the way:thumbup:

    Bourbon, as a category seems to have polarizing opinions on smoothness. Generally, wheated bourbons like Weller and Old Fitzgerald are a little smoother than rye content bourbons.

    Honestly, all this is just my opinion like the other guys who've already posted. Whiskey is a very subjective personal thing. The best thing to do is find a good drinking establishment with a nice selection and start exploring.
  14. I knew where you were coming from:thumbup1:, I was more directing it at the original post.
  15. The whisky my son makes is very smooth - much smoother than Jack Daniels.
  16. For me...I tried, was 'surprised', interested and really like George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee 'Sippin' Whisky .

    Very smooth and full-bodied when 'Sippin' and this Whisky has a hint of maple sweetness and a touch of pepper. Lastly, in my opinion, it is a 'touch' of spice and is aromatic with a medium-dry finish.

    By far...the best and 'smoothest' Sour Mash Whisky I've sipped by itself or with a splash of water (I like it 'on-the-rocks' and let the cubes melt :a26:before 'Sippin'). However, it does mix well and I like it best with Cranapple Juice ... especially when 'paired' with a Cuban Cohiba Siglo III Cigar :a39:


    PS George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee 'Sippin' Whisky image is courtesy of B & B Member Castlecraver :thumbup1:

    Christopher :badger:
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  17. My favorite is Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. It's a barley whiskey just like scotch.
  18. because you mentioned Jameson, I would say red breast or powers. Different birds for sure. My fav irish whiskey is powers for price (cheaper than both jameson and read breast, and like it taste wise more than Jameson), but Red Breast is better than both the others... super smooth, but a little more body!!!! It's got some oilyness to it. Bourbons that are smooth Basil Haydens, Eagle Rare, corner creek (great price)
  19. +1 for the greatness of Redbreast
  20. Crown Royal Reserve is the smoothest, best-tasting whiskey I've had. Some of the other "standards" in the whiskey world (Jack Daniels, etc.) are just too harsh and not pleasurable to drink. Crown Royal Reserve goes down smooth and easy with just the right amount of kick. :thumbup1:

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