Smooth Faced Runners?

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  1. Just curious to know if any of you are regular runners. If so:

    1) What is your typical distance you run regularly
    2) Weekly milage
    3) Shoes you like to run in
    4) Anything you need to run with (Ipods, heart rate monitors, fuel belt, etc)
    5) Pace?
    6) Any races in the future?

    For me....I mainly bike (see avatar) but as it cools down I start to run more.


    1) I usually go 5 miles on a typical run.
    2) I try to do about 35 miles per week....give or take 5
    3) I run in Brooks Adrenaline.....second pair. I need a stability shoe and this works for me.
    4) I always use my Polar Heart rate monitor, Ipod Shuffle, and Oakly sunglasses. When I run a race I carry Gu....vanilla bean flavor.
    5) Since the heart rate monitor slows me down to stay aerobic....I tend to be around 9 minute miles. I am getting faster since I began using it.
    6) Its a family tradition to do the Turkey Trot here in Dallas....its an 8 mile race....they also have a 3 mile for the walkers. Most of the family goes the 8. It takes you right by the infamous grassy nole and book depository where JFK was shot. Good course and a great way to start the Holiday.

  2. Regular? no... wish I was though.

    How do you get into it? any tips for starting out?
  3. We have lots of charity "Fun Runs" here in Britain. Not two words I'd have put together!

  4. 1) I run approximately 4 miles each time out.
    2) 20-24 miles per week
    3) Asics Gel 1110, also for stability
    4) Ipod shuffle
    5) It varies between 8-8:30 minutes per mile (depending on how I feel)
    6) Nothing in the near future, but you never know.
  5. Running is one of the best ways to burn off the stress and anxiety that I tend to build day after day.

    1. 3 miles
    2. 9 - 12 miles a week
    3. Asics Kayano & Landreth
    4. Ipod mini
    5. Suunto T3 & Heart rate monitor (every once in a while)
    6. Cooper River Bridge Run
    7. Pace fluctuates through out the year between 8-9:30.

    I would love to run the 7 Mile Bridge Run once. And eventually find time to train and run in a marathon.

    I used to ride but found that it is just too risky in my area of Florida. The bike lane is a passing lane down here. I'd really like to get in at least one or two rides a week... again.
  6. First get a nice pair of running shoes. You dont need to spend alot of money. Find a great setting close to your home....a trail or park or pretty neighborhood. If you have an MP3 player or radio, put it on and start with 30 minute walks 5 days a week. If you are in decent shape, try to slowly jog the last 5 to 10 minutes.

    Keep building up until you can slowly jog for 30 minutes without stopping. Its very addictive. I do my best thinking while I run (or bike). I also find that I am less stressed and the health benefits are obvious.

    Good luck.
  7. 1) Regular: 6 mi or greater
    2) Weekly milage: 25-30 mi
    3) Shoes you like to run in- Mizuno Wave
    4) Anything you need to run with -Anything Mp3, water bottle
    5) Pace- 8 min mile
    6) Any races in the future?- many halfs and the yearly marathon- Cowtown!

    It's a joy to run- only to be paralleled by a great shave!

    or a good cigar
    or a great pipe bowl..
  8. 1. about 15 feet a day.

    2. about 90 feet a week...from the bed to bathroom to the kitchen for coffee back to the bathroom to shower and shave

    3. flip-flops

    4. shorts of some sort

    5. snail pace... too sleepy in the Am

    6. going to try to include the going outside to get the paper run if it is not too cold.

    oh meant real running....never mind

  9. But if you do it in the cold it will just be added incentive to increase you running pace! :001_tongu
  10. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus

    I was a sprinter in college, unfortunately I am not running at the moment, but I really need to. LIke I said, I was a sprinter, never a distance runner. When I jogged, I never ran any more than 3 miles, which from my experience and what my coaches always said (unless you're training for longer distances) most people don't need more than 3 miles. I would usually do 2.5 at fast a could, in college this was around 6 min miles, I'm sure now I'd be lucky to break 10 :biggrin:. I have run in Nike shoes for years, but running shoes have very different fits, I would recommend you head to a good shoe shop and try and as many as you can and jog around in them to find the one that fits you best. Also I always ran with a tape player playing an audiobook, I found that to be more distracting than music.
  11. Currently:

    1) This varies, when I'm interval training the total distance is about 2.25 -2.5 miles. Tempo Runs are around 4 miles at a 9:00 pace and Long runs are around 6 miles at around 9:30. My race pace for 2 miles is around 8:00.

    2) I do 25-30 miles per week sometimes closer to 35-40 depending on how I feel.

    3) I run in Brooks or Asics (both Motion Control).

    4) I always use my Garmin 405 GPS/Heart Rate monitor, IPod Nano (when I'm home as I can't use it when deployed), and Oakley sunglasses (if necessary).

    5) I try to vary my pace. Again it is dependent on the type of run, whether it is a tempo run, a long run, a race, intervals or a recovery run.

    6) I'm running two 5K's coming up. One on 8 November and another on the 10th.

    I was always athletic as a young adult and well into my late 20's. I spent several years concentrating on lifting and had a physique much more akin to a body builder. At my physical best I was 5'6" (no short jokes:lol:) and 175lbs at <5% body fat. I could bench press 350lbs. I had a knee injury and a pair of achilles problems and at roughly age 30 it all fell apart. I gained 30lbs and got a wee too flabby. I was up to 214lbs at one time and had a 34-35" waist. I've finally gotten back into serious running and both my body and my mind are grateful that I did. The high after a good run is worth all of the effort! As I've gotten a little older, 33 (not that 33 is old), I don't see the need to be massive or bench press small cars. It is much wiser for me at this point in my life and my military career to focus on cardio conditioning. My personal goals are <175lbs, waist <32" and a 5K <25 minutes. I’m slowly chipping away at all three.

    For anyone interested in starting a running routine or just working out in general I can tell you as someone who has been on both ends of the fitness spectrum, getting started is the hardest part! And once you get started just stick with it, you'll be amazed with your progress!!!
  12. Thanks for your advice Shermdog. I got a nice pair of Acics that is collecting dust, I never really used them, maybe I give it another try someday soon :biggrin:
  13. I can't run outside regularly because the pavement isn't good for my joints. It is invigorating though - when I'm not in pain. :frown:
  14. Have you considered trail running? One good pair of trail running shoes and a decent dirt or grass trail and you are off and running. Running off the paved surface is much easier on your joints. In fact Concrete, such as sidewalks is the worst, Asphalt is a little better and natural Earth is the best!
  15. 1) 3-4 Miles
    2) 18-20 Miles per week
    3) Asics Gel-Nimbus
    4) MP3 Player, gum
    5) >8 min
    6) I would like to attempt "The Flying Pig" 1/2 Marathon here in May.
  16. 1) 4 miles
    2) 24 miles
    3) Varies but I'm using Nikes Reax 3's right now but have had consistently good results from New Balance and Asics.
    4)Clothing to me is one of my most important considerations, I always run in spandex under my shorts, I hate chafing. Started running without sunglasses and still can't get used to wearing for running. Tunes are mandatory.
    5) A little over 10min/mile but hoping it will go up as I drop weight
    6.) Not really a race for myself as I'm not doing it competitively but Nov. 9th will be running a 5k for wounded warriors
  17. There aren't any trails near me. My old high school, which is a 5 min. drive from me, has a special track for running. It's very comfortable. The problem is that running in a circle is just so boring. I can't bring myself to do it regularly.
  18. I used to do longer runs (5-10 miles at a time), but now I mainly do high intensity interval is great for conditioning and burning fat. Tabata Intervals are killers:

    Sprint for 20 secs (full speed sprint)
    Then 10 secs rest
    Repeat for 8 rounds total

    If you finish and aren't either huffing and puffing like you never have before, or on the ground (possibly vomiting), then you haven't done it correctly.
  19. I'm a chronic beginner.

    I've gotten started with a program a few times and have had to put it on hold for one reason or another.

    I've made it out a few times recently and am determined to stick with it this time. I want to run a marathon for my 40th b-day.

    I run in my neighbourhood, with my dog and my ipod. I run in Adidas Supernova Cushions.

    Btw, anyone seen this flick? I saw it on the big screen and then bought a dvd of it.
  20. I stopped running for several years and started running again in June. Completed 5 5k races since July.

    1) Typical distance is 4-5 miles. Weekend long runs are 6-8 miles.
    2) My goal is 20 miles per week. I prefer to run outside, so it is tough to
    3) Usually Asics GT-21xx or Kayanos. Might try some New Balance 768s next time.
    4) I run with an Ipod nano and a Nike+.
    5) 10-11 min miles.
    6) My goal for 2009 is to complete a half marathon. Best opportunities are either February or April.

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