Slurry stone for Frankonian?

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  1. If you own a Frankonian what are you using to create slurry? I have only used my stone with water and I am curious about what I am missing not using slurry.
    This stone is very hard and I do not want to use something that will put scratches in my stone.
    Or should I just forget about it and just continue to just use water?
  2. You can use a DMT credit card sized hone but that will probably leave scratches in it. Really anything you use will more than likely leave scratches. But as long as your slurry stone is harder than the honing stone you should be okay. Can you post some pics of the stone. Where did you order it from?
  3. David,

    I had never read Harvitz review.I pretty much agree with his assessment.I have no idea why my stone is longer,it is over 8.5 inches. I did not receive a slurry stone with my order but my stone was lapped when I received it,I sent her an e-mail asking for it to be lapped and I am glad I did.
    If you order one ask for better packaging when it is sent,mine arrived with a chipped corner but since it is so long it does not effect honing at all.Also it took around 3 months for mine to arrive.
    Mine feels like I am honing on glass using only water and it made me wonder if I was actually doing anything but if the edge is very sharp before moving to this stone you will feel the results.
    The price on this stone is crazy high and if I had to do it over again I would get a jnat.
  4. Thanks for the honest review and the heads-up. If I get one, I will surely do as you say and ask for better packaging and for it to be honed... and maybe faster shipping too lol : ). Three months lol!!! That would kill me.

    I am not sure what my deal is, but there is something I like about that stone. I would ask that you please post if you ever get a slurry going on. I wonder if you will not be more enthused.
  5. Yeah that's what I suggested earlier. If that stone is as hard as you say then you might want to get one a little coarser than the extra fine.
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    How hard is it? I wonder if a Jnat tomonagura would do anything?
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    Don't you want the ones that don't have the circles?
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  9. If DMTs are to be recommended, I am wondering if wet-dry sandpaper wrapped around a "credit-card" sized piece of 1/4"-thick glass might not do the trick as well.
  10. Frankonians are pretty big aren't they? You could cut a piece off of the end and use that.

    *edit* Just cut off the end with the chipped corner.
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  11. I like that idea, especially if the chip is on a corner it may be begging to be lopped off, on another note i guess i am glad to hear it took three months for you to receive yours, it has been a month since i ordered mine and the communications have been less than stellar. I am at the point of wondering if i should get paypal involved but i do want the stone and have pretty much decided to just keep the lines open in a upbeat fashion and have the faith that eventually i will have a stone. she has somewhat promised a fair sized stone and i feel it will be worth it and that is what matters more than slick customer service. not like i can go somewhere else for the stone. Just got a set of the tri hones anyway and they are providing a lot to play with for the time being. Keep us up on the franky slurry fix as i hope to need one soon?

  12. You are correct.The trouble is I am not a "handyman" in any form or fashion,I have no tools to complete this task plus this idea scares me but this is a good idea.
  13. Just an educated guess, I have used a tile cutter on many occasions in the past with great results, Maybe find a good tile shop and have it done? I will probably do this to mine if it provides enough real estate. Though i heartily agree about the concern factor as this is one expensive tile to be cutting. Good luck.

  14. I thought my stone would never arrive either but obviously it did and yours will too. I suggest you request a Frankonian slurry stone be sent with your order since others have said they have received them with their order.
  15. Great suggestion, That eliminates any cutting hassles. i will email her soon and explain your fine comments about her hone, if agreeable with you i will see if maybe she can toss one in for you and forward it. I f she requires any cash i will let you make the decision. just let me know.


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