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  1. Can somebody give me the link for the thread that discusses how to ensure a blade is inserted in a slant bar correctly? I know that I get the blade perfect about every time, but I still spend way to much time obsessing over it to make sure it looks correct from a "bird's eye view". :001_rolle

    I'm hoping the thread may have some advice for doing it quick and correct each time.

  2. Just adjust blade slightly while tightening down to make sure blade exposure in consistent across length of razor head. Not much of a problem with my 39c slant.
  3. Birds eye is the only view you need. There's nothing to obsess about. Trust me, you'll know if the angle is off when you look at it. Once it's set, tighten the head down and get shaving.
  4. "...Come on baby, don't be afraid. Don't fear the reaper..."

    -Blue Oyster Cult

    The reaper = The Slant :wink:
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    + 1 That is all that I do.
  6. I'm in the same boat as macabram here, when putting the blade into the slant i can get a consistent width down one side but it's not the same as the other side of the slant head. It's either a little longer or shorter. This wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't trying to get the hang of the slant in the first place. With one side out further than the other I tend to cut myself with the further extended side than the other and it's a pain to check after every rinse. Any suggestions?

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