Skin Food During a Shave?

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  1. Something I read on here a few days ago prompted me to try something new. I have Coral skin food, the scent of which SWMBO is not particularly fond of. However, I saw on here that GFT uses skin food not only as an AS, but during their shaves between passes. So I thought I would give it a try. This morning I took a very small (pea sized) amount of the skin food and applied it to the area of my neck which typically gets razor burned when I get too aggressive. After I applied the skin food, I lathered over it with MWF. Then I went to town...ATG. WOW! The skin food coupled with the MWF kept me from getting any sort of irritation and provided the smoothest shave I've had on my neck area. I'm not sure I'd do this every day, but I was amazed and the extra slickness and cushion the skin food provided.

    Has anyone else tried this?
  2. I also read that post, but seem to recall that the skin food was the only product used during pass, nothing else used as lather. I haven't tried the GFT skin food yet, but good to know that it worked well for you in this application.
  3. I frequently use Proraso's pre-shave as a "mid-shave" addition to whichever soap I'm using. I'll use regular lather for the first pass, rinse, then I'll add a layer of pre-shave combined with another layer of lather. Fantastic shaves!
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    I've used skin food as a pre-shave, and it worked well.
  5. I've seen it, never used it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for you.
  6. I tried some Sandalwood Skin Food this morning as a pre-shave and between the first and second passes. I also used Sandalwood cream for the lather. It did seem to be smoother and possibly closer to a BBS than I usually get.
  7. I'm incredibly jealous of the sandalwood skin food. :)
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    I have used the skin food pre-shave but have never tried to use it between passes. On the days that I tried it pre-shave, I also felt that I achieved a closer shave.
  9. I tired this very thing in this morning's shave. I homemade a pre-shave oil (90% grapeseed oil and 10% aloe vera) and applied it before and then again in between passes. My skin felt much calmer afterwards.
  10. It's really good stuff. I have the Limes as well, and had a Lime day today, SF, soap and AS. I felt like a marguarita all day...
  11. I've got some of the Limes coming to me...although I'm a little nervous that it'll be too sweet. That's why I'd like to get my hands on some sandalwood. In time. :)
  12. Sounds like waaaaaaaay too much produce, and unnecessary
  13. I used it as an AS and it seemed to be a bit weaker than most balms I've used. A little moisturizing, but most of mine have some kind of skin healing products in it like Witch Hazel.

    Seems like as a Pre-Shave oil it would work, but I don't see why you wouldn't get thicker oil to not have to put it on each time and just for a better glide. I haven't used it yet but compared to my Jack Black pre-shave oil that I used with my carts, this stuff is not slick at all...

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