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  1. Earlier today I was in a Roses Discount store.While roaming around I noticed a half dozen bottles of this stuff on a shelf.I had never seen it in person before.I grabbed a bottle of it took a sniff(SWMBO gave it a thumbs up) and handed it to the wife as I had to leave for work.
    Tonight I splashed some on when i got home.A kind of marine-sport scent with a bit of powder in the background.Not bad, I'm not a big fan of most "marine" scents.I wondered what it cost,all the bottles had half of the price tag scraped off.So I checked the bag which had not been trashed yet for a receipt...
    $1 for 5 oz.I think I'll be stopping back by the store and pick up a few more bottles.

    Roses is a discount store chain in the southeastern U.S.,it has about 6 other sister chain stores which usually carry the same lines of merchandise.The only one that springs to mind right now is Maxway.So if you have either store nearby you may want to wander through it's health and beauty section.
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    That's a great value for a decently performing aftershave. I've ordered glass bottles of this on the internet for a lot more than that. The scent is a bit similar to aqua velva classic blue.
  3. one of my favorites getting hard to come by these days usually have to get it on the bay. Thats deafanitly a steal I would buy every bottle they had...Remindes me I'm completely out....enjoy...
  4. There's a discount store in northern NJ called Amazing Savings that has several bottles of the cooling blue as well as the original, both in the 3.5 ounce size. I've just recently started using the original and will definitely be trying the cooling blue on my next trip there.
  5. Has anybody ever seen this in Canada? They sell the green one everywhere, and I've recently seen orange skin bracer
  6. I think the scent is reminiscent of the original Polo with an aquatic overtone. The scent is nice, but I much prefer Aqua Velva. :tongue_sm
  7. to me the scent is very 70's.. reminds me of something but I have no idea what. I got mine for a buck each at a Dollar Tree a few years ago..
  8. I miss all the extra flavors of After shaves we had back in the 1970's.

    I will be looking for it at the discount stores I hit like Big Lots and Dollar Tree.
  9. kind of like the multi-colored baseball uniforms.. I used to love the A's, Cardinals and Pirates uniforms.. they're all kind of boring now.
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    I bought 4 bottles of Cooling Blue not long after joining B&B. I'm on my last bottle, about half gone. Good stuff. I won't be replacing it however as it's a little hard to find and there are so many options out there that I still want to try.
  11. I saw it in Canadian drugstores like 3 years ago, but it's not available here anymore
  12. It's very good, I like it. Very close to Floid Blue. Also, it may be the same thing as the generic Vi-Jon Blue you can find in drugstores and markets under their own private label. SB green is made by Vi-Jon, so I wouldn't be surprised if the blue one were made by them too and the same as the generic.

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