Sir Arthur Guinness Must be Turning in his Grave

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  1. As a long time fan of Guiness, I felt somewhat obliged to try their new "Black Lager". Uh huh, glad tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I'll be doing a brisket beacuse I'm thinking slow braising a cut of beef may be all this beverage is good for. It ranks up there with Miller 64 on the overall taste scale and for $8.00 a sixer?? Insult to injury. Diageo (Parent Company) should be embarassed they released such an insipid drink and put the name "Guiness" on the label. Unpardonable..............
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  2. I haven't had a chance to try this beer yet. Black Lager is actually one of my favorite styles when done correctly. Not many breweries actually make a Black Lager, so its always a treat to try one. I'm guessing the Guiness version has a lot of roasted barley in the vein of a Dry Stout.

    I'll have to get a 6er to see for myself. Guiness itself doesn't exactly rank very high in the taste department itself.
  3. Haven't tried and don't plan to, now, thanks for the head's up. I do have my Guinness draught cans and some Jameson on hand, however, neither of which will be used to cook the corned beef or anything else for that matter.

    FYI, Edcculus, as you probably already know, black IPA's are becoming more popular, as well as I.B.A.'s (India Brown Ales).
  4. I've been meaning to try this a well, as Guinness stout is one of my all time favorites. Won't have high hopes for the black lager, but I'll grab some next time I see it on sale.
  5. Don't waste your money. It is not absolutely terrible, but far from a beer I would ever buy again. Maybe if it didn't have Guinness' name on it, I'd like it more. Expectations were high for me, and it did not deliver. Guinness is one of my favorites, and this was a disappointing offering.
  6. Tastes like a dark colored miller lite...nothing special.
  7. Doc4

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    Yes, he's rolling in his grave.

    Oh, and it's Sir Alec Guinness

  8. It's a sad offering. I couldn't agree more.
  9. Well they've just sold approximately 250,000 pints of real Guinness at the Cheltenham National Hunt Racing festival here in Cheltenham this week! Only a few of them to me...


  10. Alec Guiness used the Force, Luke
    Arthur Guiness used the Barley and Hops
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    I saw this as well. Walked right by it. Look, I understand the need to innovate and spread your product line a little wider. You should do this as a matter of course. But when you are Guinness and you have reputation for making one of the most drinkable stouts in the world, don't settle for a direction like Budweiser American Ale. I was very suspect of this black lager when I saw it. To me it is likely an attempt to get in on the craft beer trend while still believing it needs to appeal "to an American taste ".

    Truth is, American beer tastes are rapidly changing. Just yesterday I read a couple of articles reporting another three to four percent drop in light beer sales in the U.S. last year. Couple this with the prior few years same reports and you can clearly see there is a discerning beer markrt here who want a LOT more than marketing. I wonder if this black lager is about like Michelob Dark? All colour, no body, and very little real taste.

    Cheers, Todd
  12. There have always been lots of different flavors of Guinness, one more addition to the family isn't a big deal:

    That being said, the black lager variety ain't anything to write home about! :)

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