Single Malts in the $20 range (found one)

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  1. Lismore Speyside Single Malt, approx $20

    Found this recently. While its not a MacCallen's, its a great Single Malt for the price.

    Since I'm on a budget, anyone else have a suggestion for bargain priced Single's?
  2. Speyburn Bradan Orach (I think that's how you spell it). It's on the lighter side of scotch but is very smooth and has some nice apple and honey notes. I think it was $18 for the bottle I have.
  3. I've seen a few in the $25 range, but I haven't dared try them and I can't remember the name. I'd hate to buy one I don't like and have wasted that $25 when it's more than half way toward a Single I like, or equal in price to a bourbon I know I like.
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    I tried Speyburn 10 year old Scotch recently and it was very good.
  5. McClelland's is what the one I always see here in CT, couldn't think of the name in my previous post.

    Check out BevMo for bargain single malts.
  6. +1

    just bought a bottle. its nothing spectacular, but i have to say that those 20 bucks were not wasted in the least.
  7. The Bowmore with no age statement may be in that price range, but I think I would rather save up for something like Laphroaig.
  8. oops quoted wrong comment. this is the one i tried. also in regards to the last post, i have heard in multiple places that the mcclellands islay (its about 25 $ in nc) is a youg (5 or 7 yr) bowmore.
  9. Tamdhu 10 Y.O. Highland Single Malt
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  10. 2nd for Tamdhu. It is hard to find, but if you do it is well worth picking up a couple of bottles.

    Not sure most of us could distinguish a single from a blend though and in the $20 rand the Famous Grouse is tough to beat.
  11. I have the Speyburn just to keep a cheap single malt on the shelf as I acquire more bourbons, and it is OK. Another cheap single malt that has a bit more to it is The Singleton 12 (might have been mid-$20s, if I remember right.).
  12. I'm new to Scotch, but I spent some time recently browsing my local liquor store. They have a fantastic selection. I noticed that many of the Single malts were in the $35 range, but the harder I looked I noticed several could be had for $20-25. This raised a few beginner questions for me:

    Is single malt necessarily better than blends?

    I imagine it is like coffee or wine: single malts will be more distinctive, exhibit more singular characteristics. The best single malts will be the best and most unique but you have to pay for them, but blends will tend to be smooth. Is that the case?

    Or will any single malt be pretty good, so if you can get one for $20, do it?

    I will take some notes next time I'm at the liquor store on Singlemalts in the $20 range and report back here.
  13. Have you got a Costco nearby? They've got the best prices and you might find something in or close to that range.
  14. I'll have to check that one out. Drumguish is an interesting Single Malt Scotch for around $20.00 as well. Found it at a large liquor store chain here in the Chicago area called Binny's, and they (thankfully) have quite a large selection of Scotches.

    Nose:Soft and medium-sweet. quite fresh with a slight menthol character, gently peated with a slight earthy touch.
    Finish: Of good length, almost dry with a good peaty flavour.
    Taste: Medium-dry, minty, with good body and a firm, but gentle dark earthy smokiness.
    Colour: Pale mid amber with old gold highlights.
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  15. I just returned from a shopping trip to my favorite liquor store. As promised, here is a list of the single malts I found in the $20 range:

    Drumgish 16.99
    Lismore 19.99
    McLellands's, 20.99
    and Auchentoshan 26.99

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