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  1. found a great price on a dovo razor. it has a "singing blade". i understand what that is, have a couple other dovo razors i love. before i buy, wondered it there is any advantage or disadvantage to this type of blade configuration.
  2. It's an extra hollow-ground razor; so-called singing since it would ring a bit like a bell if struck. The benefit is that thin, flexible edge that hollow ground razors enjoy.
  3. Singing razors tend to be hollow or extra hollow which is why they sing more than a heavier grounded blade. They flex more on your face when you shave and give more feedback during a shave and stropping. It's a preference thing but I like them, I use a Gotta hamburg Ring 120 razor all the time that is Extra Hollow and sings.
  4. Do you think there is much difference between the extra hollow Dovo "singing" and the Thiers-Issard 5/8 Carbonsong "singing" razors, other than a little bit difference in price?
    I have heard that the Thiers-Issard Full-Hollow 'singing' razors are wonderful shavers, just not sure how good they would be for someone starting out. By the time I would be able to buy one, in about 4-6 weeks, I am sure I wll have put in a lot more practice on my Dovo 6/8
    Best Quality razor. I always figured that Solingen German steel was just a bit better (acutally Sweedish Steel) for holding an edge.

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