Simpsons Chubby 1 QA/QC?

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  1. Has any one seen this before? It appears that during manufacture a scratch or "nick" occurred and that when the Chubby 1 logo was imprinted it just happened to be placed on this scratch which was subsequently lamp-blacked along with the logo. (see attached photos) My wife asked me if I had bought a Chubby 4......I have contacted the (Canadian) vendor so ask for an exchange. If it had been sold as a seconds or if the scratch had been any where else I may have accepted it....but then again I have been in QA/QC myself and if the manufacturer doesn't get items returned these types of things can/will reoccur. I presume that Vulfix's QC doesn't include visual inspection?
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  2. Judging by the color in the scratch it was there before they polished the handle since the 'color' is actually the polishing material going into the imprinting. My thoughts would be it's not a big deal but for ~$125 I could see your complaints. If it was me I would just say 'oh well, its hand made' but if you really think its an issue and haven't used it you could try to swap it for a new one.

    Oh and about the QC visual inspection. I would think the inspection would happen before the handle is polished due to the fact that most imperfections can be hidden with a good buffing job.
  3. It does look like a "4" which makes it unusual but interesting. Lampblack proper is no longer used but we get the drift. I'd say Vulfix/Simpson would exchange it but you could inquire.
  4. Maybe just the pic but the knot also seems to be not sq. to the base.
  5. I received this reply from the vendor:

    "Yes, the brush can certainly be returned if it's unused. However, we cannot guarantee we can send a replacement since, as far as we know, the small line that crosses the # 1 is a common stamping error on most Chubby brushes. Obviously, if a satisfactory exchange item cannot be found we will issue you a refund."

    Now I have looked at a lot of pics of Chubby's and have never seen this flaw, is this really common?
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    I wouldn't think it's common.
    I can't see a vendor not taking back a product that has an obvious manufacture error.
    Vulfix/Progress has excellent customer service.
    Maybe ask them?
    Of course if it doesn't bug you (It would bug me) then just live with it.
  7. Nope. I haven't seen that stamping error ever and I wouldn't find it to be a common one.
  8. I just bought a chubby1 and it doesn't have that problem.
  9. I was going to ask you the same thing, it really looks like a "4".
  10. I'm weird, I know, but I almost like how unique it is. Almost like finding an error card in a pack of baseball cards. However, that is only if the number is the issue. If the knot is off, like spindlecone suggests, I would have a problem with that.
  11. I think the vendor is... um... lying. I could be wrong but I need to see it to believe it. Ask them to send a photo of their stock of Chubby "4" brushes.

    That being said, even though it's a mistake that's quite a unique brush. If I were you I would consider keeping it.
  12. Sell it on ebay as a "L@@K RARE chubby 4", buy new chubby 1, profit :thumbup1:
  13. The vendor is just covering their own butt, Simfix are extremely unlikely to refuse a replacement. It should be returned - so that they can improve on this improvement in QA that Gary Young is always telling us is...improving. Not being facetious, just making the point that they need to know.

    Shedding brushes I can understand with dense handmade products (my Chub doesn't shed, and it feel like I won the lottery), misplaced stickers I can live with - they're not permanent, but someone letting that go out the door is just plain lazy, and suggests an 'it'll do' attitude.

    For $125 - it won't do. It's not so much about this brush, but the underlying attitude it reveals. They're clearly doing a lot of things right at Simfix, but I'm sure this kind of thing really gets to them, because it's unnecessary. So they deserve to know someone at their factory thought this was ok to sell for top $$s.
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  14. That is my line of thinking as well, there is a standard that should be adhered to, and if you are not aware of the problem,it will not get fixed, to the detriment of others...
  15. I quite like it...unique an all that; would definitely keep. I only care about consistency in knot length and shape.
  16. Uh oh we have two opinions. Unique so keep it if the knot is right and should have never left the building. Hmmm Normally I would say reject but in this very instance I say Keep it! if my opininion matters. It is your brush.:lol:
  17. If the vendor won't work with you, contact Simpson directly. Their customer service is fantastic and they'll exchange it for you right away. They re-knotted two vintage brushes for me last year and did an amazing job.
  18. Another vote for keep it!
  19. I would also keep it. I like the uniqueness of it.
    I also think Simfix needs to know about this and the vendor trying to pawn it off as "common". That's just straight up wrong!
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    Normally I would send something like this back but in this case, it actually looks like a "4" which would make me keep it. Imagine 30yrs down, you are the owner of a Chubby 4, a one-off VIP custom made brush, just for you!

    Good story right?

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