Simpsons 90th Anniversary Brush (Astor) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by SRock, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. OK, so I know these brushes were limited to only 90 pieces and I realize that with a price tag of $250-$350 (depending on source and shipping) there may not be a ton of us who nailed one down, but I thought I'd start a discussion thread for this brush.

    For those of you who own one please post pics and let us know what you think of the craftsmanship, size, shape, finish, knot, performance etc.

    My first impressions were that I only felt so so about the faux horn, but now that I have mine in hand I am enjoying it a great deal. Looks great. The handle size/shape is fantastic and the knot performs like a champ. This is my fourth Simpsons brush. I have a pre-Vulfix Major and a pair of post Vulfix two-bands in Super (T2 and CH1) to compare it to. I really like the performance of the two-band Simpson knots. My first shave went very well. It lathered my Tallow first Penhaligon's English Fern like a champ. I easily loaded more than enough for a 3 pass shave that removed a full beard (about 3 weeks worth of growth). It felt fantastic and performed like a champ.

    So owners, what do you think?

    Non-owners what were your impressions with the appearance of this brush?

    I'll start off. Here are a few shots of #54
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  2. i got #50...and all i can say is i love it! The knot is extremely nice, nicer even than the tulip 2 2-band i had, the performance is very good. The looks are what got me though, i LOVE the handle, and i am a sucker for horn handles. So when i saw it, i had to have it, then i got a good price on one and i couldnt pass it up. I dunno what it is so far have been lovin the simpson brushes, and im just so happy i get to own such a nice example. If you got some coin and wanna get a brush that is like owning a lil piece of history, id snap one up. :thumbup1: Here she is...

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  3. Pics?
  4. Don't own one, but man after seeing your pics Slaglerock it's much more impressive than pictures I've seen from websites and others! At least that specific brush. :drool: That one just really clicks...
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  5. Come on guys I know of at least 10 of us that have this particular brush. I want pics and thoughts!

  6. How does the hair on this brush compare to the hair on other Simpson 2 band brushes? It looks similar, but one can never know from looks alone.
  7. To be honest I suspect it is the very same hair. That said, it seems to lather a bit easier, faster and in more abundance than my other two-band Simpsons. Both my T2 and CH1 brushes had a bit of a break in period where they lost a few hairs and got progressively better with each use for about 10 uses or so. The 90th Anniversary lathered up my Penhaligon's English Fern lickety-split in copious amounts and didn't lose a single hair. :cool: On first use it performed AT LEAST as well as my well broken in T2 and CH1.
  8. Rob, I've enjoyed my Astor LE quite a bit. The handle provides a nice grip and is a good size (although I also enjoy my larger Polos). The knot is also a nice "medium" size. I'm not a big fan of tiny brushes; I tend to prefer medium to larger sizes so long as they have backbone (e.g., the Polos, CH2, Plisson 16/18, etc.). I think the new Astor LE is a superb brush, and Simpson did a good job with the handle coloration.

    Mine has lost a few hairs here and there, but so far they appear to be shorter hairs that did not extend down into the cement. No big worries...

    A couple of pics:

  9. Great pics Lynn. Thanks for the update. Keep 'em coming fellas, lets see more of that 90th anniversary goodness!
  10. I've really enjoyed mine as well. The bristles are firm but soft at the tips. The brush is excellent with creams and soaps. No regrets on the purchase.
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  11. Awesome, Chris!
  12. non owner...looks great to me...out of my price range.
  13. Keep your eyes peeled. I wouldn't be surprised if one pops up (eventually) in the BST and maybe you could work a trade if you are truly interested. Every product has fans and people who just feel, meh about it. Ultimately everything shows up in the BST eventually.
  14. way cool guys, non-owner, but definitely a wannabe owner.
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    Great pics of the Astor anniversary brush. I understand that I am on the waiting list for the 100th anniversary brush. :wink:
  16. I will do a 100th Anniversary one as well.
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    I might need a soap as well by then. :biggrin:
  18. Saturday, March 6, 2010
    Austin, TX

    It started innocently enough: meeting the fine folks from B&B, talking shop, showing and trading wares. A fine lunch followed. So did an adult beverage.

    Hours later, after a great, great event was winding down, I strolled over to say so long to Lee (of Lee's Safety Razors fame) and thank him for the goodies he generously presented to all who attended. I glanced down at his display table. "Hey Lee, did you bring brushes?".

    This morning's shave...
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  19. I guess I might do the same.....
  20. Given the opportunity I'll probably jump on a 100th anniversary edition as well.


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