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  1. Can you guys shed some light on what the advantages/disadvantages of each chubby (1, 2, 3) may be. What I mean is: what are each of these brushes best suited for? It seems the chubby 3 would be huge for lace lathering, and the 1 and 2 might work best. I don't know, I guess I'd like to hear someone rant about these brushes and share opinions. :thumbup:
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  2. IMO size is predominately an issue dictated by preference.

    That said, all brushes have their pros and cons.

    But in the end, some like big brushes while others prefer small.

    Definite advantages only become apparent when other factors are thrown in the mix. For example, I want a Chubby for travel, well a smaller Chubby, aside from taking up less room in your toiletries bag is also likely to dry faster than a larger one (which is important if you are on the move).

    Another might argue, a smaller brush allows for a more deliberate application of lather and hence might argue face latherers would benefit in the possibility of greater control offered by a smaller brush. Well, I say despite an extensive scuttle collection, my preference is not only for larger brushes, but also face lathering and I have no issue with keeping the lather where I want it.

    I guess my point is size 1, 2 or 3 are going to be equally proficient at preparing your lather. A size 3 is likely to use up a little more product than a size 1, but is that really a determining factor in choosing size... Of course not, it's what you enjoy most that should influence your size choice.

    Edit: Or perhaps budgetary constraints might dictate your choice (as obviously >badger = >$).

    Further, I own all 3 sizes and the size 1 sees very little soap! (But that's because I ENJOY larger brushes, not because they perform any better).
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  3. i used my CH series for face lathering, i preferred the feeling of a size CH3, but for some reason always reached for the CH2, and the CH1 handle felt a little too small... however differne knot shapes and types will change the experience.. i didn't love the CH1 knot it was a 2 band and combined with it's shape was too much backbone, i felt guilty for not loving it, the CH2 was best and felt nice, what an easy shave, and the CH3 was super and felt so luxurious, i felt like i needed to smoke a cigarette after my shave...

    i thought i would alwyas have a CHX in my rotation, but alas i no longer do..
  4. Thanks guys. Global_dev, is your chubby 2 in best?

  5. djh

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    I have a Chubby1 in Super and a Chubby2 in 2-Band and while they are both terrific, my preference would be for the No.2. The size suits me better and the 2-Band hair is wonderful. I am a face latherer and I use soaps.
  6. I like big brushes and as others have pointed out, that's a very personal choice. My CH3-Super sees regular service for both bowl & face lathers but I prefer it slightly for face lathering as I like somewhat longer handles when I'm using my scuttle. But this is a big knot that can cover a significant part of your face; it's not quite the clown brush a Kent Bk 12 is, but it's awfully close. Below it's teamed up with a Shavemac XXL and a Kent BK 8 to give some size perspective. This is a dense knot with significant surface area so you need to adjust your loading time unless you want lather for 3 shaves. The 3-band super has great backbone but no scritch and feels great on the face. Rumors that it is a lather hog are all true; you need to gently squeeze the knot from the bottom to urge recalcitrant lather up to the tips. Mine shed a few hairs for the first 4 or 5 shaves and not one since.

  7. I learned a new word today... "recalcitrant" :thumbsup:
  8. I'm feeling an inclination towards the chubby 2. Sometimes I feel like my Persian Jar 3 is a lather hog so maybe I'm better suited for a chubby 1. Can you guys elaborate on what 2 band vs regular would mean as far as how it feels and performs?
  9. I use a Chubby 1 in Best and a Merkur Vision Silvertip, both are small brushes. I like them both, but wish that I had tried the Persian Jar for its longer handle. I like to keep soap off my fingers when lathering, especially when using carbon steel straights as I do not want any moisture to get in the pivot area possibly causing water spots or rust. It is easier to avoid soap on fingers using the longer handled Merkur Vision. The Merkur Silvertip knot feels slightly softer on my face, but the Simpson Best knot is also excellant. Someone who has used a Chubby in both Best and Silvertip could tell you whether the Simpson silvertip is softer than the Best knot.
  10. Thanks for writing. In regards to your chubby, do you ever feel like you want the bigger chubby 2?

  11. Unfortunately, I have not used a size 2 or 3. I have a boar brush with a larger knot that I like because of its slightly larger size. If I was starting out, I probably would buy a 2, but do not feel dissapointed at all in my size 1 brushes. I probably would not try a 3 unless I got a super deal because of its greater cost and because I do not feel short changed in any way when applying lather using my size 1 brushes.
  12. +1. Extremely well said Beniamino. Sono d'accordo amico mio. By the way,how are you doing with the 'old stock' Rooney brush you got from Classic Shaving a few months back? Remember,we both ordered one at nearly the same time. I love the one I got but it uses alot of cream! Let me know.

  13. my CH2 was in "best". the 2 was a nice compromise, they are all great brushes... i was happiest with the three, happy with the two, and okay with the one... but all felt great face lathering... if you took the handle of the the 2 and 3 and averaged them out, I would be ecstatic...
  14. Is there a big density difference among different lines? I mean, is the chubby knot a lot denser than my Persian jar? What is it that makes it better for soaps and face lathering?
  15. Short answer is yes. Density in the Simpson line up tracks with price. So a similar knot size that is more expensive is more dense. More density means more backbone, even with the same hair, so it is better at picking up soaps and has more scritchy face feel, even with the same hair. Face lathering attributes are so personal. I tend to like the feel of more density on my face even with a softer hair like Simpson's best.
  16. I really only want to buy one chubby :). The chubby 2 seems ideal but I'm concerned it will be a lather hog. Can anyone chime in on that? If it helps, I can say I did feel the colonel was a bit small for my liking.
  17. the chubby2 will not be an issue. just remember to squeeze up from the breach. the three isn't bad either. I think those knots that "hog" lather hogs get a bad rep for something so innocuous... you can easily get at the lather and there is plenty to go around... I used whatever is leftover to wash my whole face before applying alum/WH/AS/whatever...
  18. +1 so true!
  19. I would not be concerned about a CH2 being a lather hog. Even if it uses a bit more soap than a CH1, lather is inexpensive. I believe that what is most important is how the three sizes feel on ones face, and while making lather. A CH1 or CH2 should both give excellant performance. A CH3 would use more soap and feel larger. I wish I had one so that I could see the difference for myself. Too bad there is no way for most of us to look at and feel a variety of sizes and knots before making a purchase decision.

  20. if you guys hadn't noticed... there are a few members selling stuff in the BST that has either never been used or slightly used... some of them do it particularly to try out very expensive things to touch and hold and maybe even use and then pay a small "rental" hit. Even going into the store like Pasteurs, you'd never be able to determine which one "fits". it would be a softball size guess at best.

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