Simpson Chubby 1, first impressions

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  1. I got my Chubby 1 from WCS in the mail today, and I must admit, my first impressions, after taking it out of the box was "what is all the hype about?" it looks a bit like my other two brushes (Vulfix pure, Edwin Jagger best), both of which are priced much lower than the Chubby. Well, I just got done shaving with it and all I can say is WOW! :w00t: I used it to face lather with Tabac soap, and I must say the Chubby 1 DELIVERS! I am not too good at descriptions, but I will just say that the brush felt very luxurious on my face compared to my other two brushes and it retained heat very well. After one shave, I am very impressed with the Chubby 1. Gla:thumbup1:d I bought it!
  2. Congrats lets see this thing!!! Wait no ill probably buy one if you post a picture!!:001_tt1:
  3. Here are a couple to tide you over until the OP post a pic of theirs.

    Chubby 1 on the left - Duke 2 on the right


    All lathered up and ready to go

  4. Very nice turtle!! I have a duke 2 whats the difference in these?
  5. The main difference is the greater density of the Chubby compared to the Duke. There are not too many brushes as dense as the Chubbys. Great little brush and the two-band is fantastic!
  6. hon


    How much denser is Chubby 1 comparing to Duke 2?
  7. For face lathering they don't come any better than the Chubby 1 And Duke 2/3 IMO. Even the Best grade of hair is of exceptional quality, the Super grade offering that even extra softness.
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  9. That Chubby says Best Badger, but is it actually 2-band?

  10. chubby is denser packed knot. How much? No idea but it is noticeable.

    You can read my head to head with both brushes

    Chubby 1 and Duke 2 are two of the best face brushes I have ever used that are priced within reach of mere mortals. I have a Rooney 3xl heritage that I think is a little nicer face lathering brush but you could have a whole stable of brushes for what that one brush cost.

    I did a head to head with the Chubby 1 and Duke 2 in those photos a while ago

    The consensus of opinion was that brush was mis-marked and was indeed 2 band in a handle that said best. I no longer own that brush and the new owner is very happy with it.
  11. I got rid of my Chubby 1 and my Duke 2. I miss them, but I like to have a handle. The Chubby handle is pretty much non-existent.
    Is there a Simpson brush with a knot like a Chubby in a longer handle ?
  12. Here is a chart I did when I was looking for something of that size which might help. I don't know if the knot density of any other brush would be like a chubby. You could custom order something that would have a chubby knot in a different handle (or at least try to get them to make you a one off brush)

    SimpsonsDuke 257Chubby 1
    Loft46 mm47 mm47 mm
    knot21 mm22 mm23 mm
    Handle41 mm50 mm41 mm
    Total Height87 mm97 mm88 mm
  13. Congrats to Chuckaluck to your Chubby1! It´s my favourite brush. Got it in best. According to Gary Young the chubbies and the dukes were (probably still is) Simpsons best sellers. There is a reason for this.
  14. They call it Polo.
  15. There are some with the same or nearly the same knot & loft size but they are not as dense. Of the ones I've owned or sampled even in the 2-band versions are quite different than the Chubbies. I have two CH3s, one Somerset era and also a current model, both in super 3-band. The newer one feels quite different and is noticeably denser. I have a Rooney Heritage 2-band that is as dense but it's the only other brush I've ever encountered that packed (and yes, including a Shavemac D01 2-band).
  16. In my first trembling steps in this "brush business" I looked very carefully on the different knot sizes, lofts and handles when comparing. What often is forgotten is the density of the brush. How much hair do they use for a particular model? Afterall they DO weigh the hairs before knotting a particular model.
  17. A good suggestion of this is comparing the Duke 2 to the Chubby 1. They are really more less the same size- BUT for their different density (there is more hair on the chubby). I would not say that´s a + on the chubby but nevertheless it´s a fact.
  18. I fear the Polo is not as dense as the Chubby. Only the Chubby is described by Simpsons as "Premium".

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