Showering with one arm

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  1. Since I have a broken arm, and can only use my right, albeit also slightly injured, arm for washing, I wondered if anyone has any good tricks for this circumstance. My wife is obliging me when she's home, but works most days and is gone by the time I roll out. I'm especially having trouble with washing the right arm, armpit, back and right torso. Mostly, it's been a "let water run on it" technique. Applying deodorant is challenging too.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Maybe try a brush on a stick or something?

  3. I severely injured my left hand a while back and I got one of those plastic loofa-on-a-steeeeck things. I could reach my pit with it using just my right hand, but you may not have that ability if you have a cast and both arms injured. I didn't try it, but you might be able to hold such a contraption between your knees without knocking yourself out. :confused: Get well soon, though, and good luck!
  4. ...and be sure you make up with that horse! :a24:
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    If you have access to a physical therapist, ask their advice. You're not the first person to have this problem, and there's no need for you to re-invent the wheel.

    Also, stop in at someplace that sells orthopedic devices like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc. They probably have an assortment of personal care items that are designed with the one-armed user in mind.
  6. When I broke my collar bone. I did three things.
    1. Take a wet and soapy towel and wrap it around me, while walking around.
    2. Just got in the pool and let the chlorine do it's job.
    3. Put trunks on and had my mommy wash me.
  7. Look on craigslist for under "erotic" and have a girl meet you. Usually under $100. She with bathe nd you a clean you all over so you wont even have to use 1 arm.
  8. Could you imagine if that person was a cop?

    "hey john, heard you got busted for solicitation"
    "i just wanted her over to help me shower"
    "sure, buddy, sure"
  9. Great ideas all (well almost all:wink:) Got the wife searching for a brush today since she on one of her shopping safaris.

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