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  1. I love a nice looking hunting firearm, especially if it's got a nice walnut stock and shiney blue finish, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so show me pics of your hunting gun.

    here's mine (Browning A-Bolt .270 win):




    these were the pics from the seller on I have a Leupold VX3 scope that I haven't mounted yet so these'll have to do.
  2. Very nice! Love the Brownings. I have a Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic in .270 WSM.
  3. Haven't hunted in a while but the last gun I used was a Winchester 94 manufactured in 1948.
  4. The pic is horrible but here is my Rem 700 custom shop ABG 2001 in 375 RUM. I roll my own, use the 260gr accubonds @ 2900fps. The scope is a 10x super sniper with Badger Ordnance 50 cal rings. I have since removed the scope and mounted an Aimpoint 7000L. Shoots great with both eyes open.

  5. [​IMG]

    Marlin 336C 30-30


    I wrapped the lever with black leather cord--it feels better.
  6. [​IMG]

    My hunting rifles aren't especially pretty, but they're generally pretty accurate. This is one of my coyote rifles. It's a Savage .243 with a "Camo by Krylon" camo job. It's killed quite a few coyotes for me over the years, some at some rather long distances...

    It plain loves Hornady 75 grain hollowpoints and Varget powder...
  7. nice. the Marlin 336 is on my wishlist :thumbup:
  8. Below is my FWB 300 match air rifle from the early seventies, it's still a tack driver.


  9. Very cool. What kind of sight is that? And what is the fps on it?
  10. Luke, the gun has a micrometer aperature sight, basically a precision peep sight, so that it can be used in 10 meter competition. The sights alone are worth more than most of my other guns. This gun was recently rebuilt, new seals and springs, and shoots an H&N match,7.9 grain pellet at 620 FPS. This is typical of a match air rifle. I have a few that will break 1000 FPS, but none of them will shoot the tight groups I get from this gun.

  11. My Dad gave me this 30-30 in 1961.My first gun.

  12. Winchester 94?
  13. Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter .41Mag.

  14. A few weeks ago, my wife participated in a work sponsored sporting clay tournament (she placed 1st in her group!), which apparently stirred up a lot of memories from her youth (When she was 16, she had to put her black lab down at the age of 2 and decided to hang up her gun and camo.)

    Anyways, she came home from the tourney completely stoked, which then got me excited. We, of course, did the sensible thing and went out the next week and bought a pair of shotguns and licenses (w/waterfowl stamps) and made plans with another couple to go duck/goose hunting the next day.

    We saw a few birds, but on the whole they just weren't moving and we didn't take any shots. The bug, however, had bitten me...hard.

    Two weeks later, back in the field, we bagged two geese!

    My weapon of choice - a 12ga Remington 870 Express.
    For the lady - a 12ga Benelli SuperNova.

    My wife was teasing me about the likelihood of me bringing one of the geese down since I was the last in a line of four shooters. I told her that I aimed, fired, saw feathers fly and the bird drop, yet somehow she still wasn't convinced...

    ...a few hours later at the sporting clay range erased all doubt. :lol:

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  15. Nice Cory, I've got a 870 Express in the matte black finish with the plastic stock. It's hard to beat a Remington 870. I do like the Benelli's though.

  16. [​IMG]

    Marlin .30-.30
    Remington 700 ADL .270 Win.
    Remington 700 ADL .30-06 Sprg.

    Picking up my new Browning Citori this weekend...can't wait
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  17. Which one you wanna see, I have over 60 long guns.
  18. the purdy ones :001_smile
  19. Here is one of my .45-70 lever guns.... I had this one cut down to 16" and put XS sights and scout rail on it. I really like how it handles and it is a HAMMER!!


  20. Here is one of my favorite airguns.... I have shot a LOT of small game with this gun!

    It is a HW 97 with a Mike A. stock and a Paul Watts super tune. It is .20 cal and this gun shoots GREAT! It is so easy to hit with due to its super smooth shooting cycle and absolutely the best trigger I have ever shot! You think about shooting and it goes off!!



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