Shout out to Shaving Essentials!!!

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to them and give a little public praise! I received a free sample of boosters, an ASB, a yuzu glycerin soap that smells wonderful, and 2 uses of Crema de sapone! All of this came with one of the most courteous and friendly handwritten notes I have received from a business. I think that it is just great that they have such a passion for wet-shaving that they quite obviously want to share with others! I cannot wait to order from them again!
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    +1. John and John are top-notch.
  3. Thank you! Tomorrow we celebrate one year as an online shop. It has been a great experience and we plan this to be the first of many. Many, many thanks!
  4. +2

    treated me well also.
  5. +3. Can't go wrong with them.
  6. -1

    Everybody is catching on now and their website shows they are sold out of many products
  7. We really try to keep stuff in stock. We really do! But there are times when something happens (probably on the forums) and we get huge spike in orders. It is a great problem to have, but it would be cool to get a heads up like this, "Hey John and John, It's _________ the uber popular poster on B&B. Here is a heads up - in about two weeks I am going to use ________ and post about how great it is on the forum. You may want to bring a little extra in stock so you don't run out. Remember the last time... Thanks, __________":lol:

    I can dream, can't I?! Thanks John Cr.
  8. Yep, great service. Nice hand written note came with my order of Fraser's along with a sample of Provence Sante.
    I'll definitely order from them again!
  9. Just sent out my order. Looking forward to your products!
  10. I'm going to place a decent size order as well as soon as the Fraser's Polar Ice shaving cream is posted. John, what's the ETA on that? Looking forward to ordering!!

    p.s. Any news on that wonderful mentholated shaving balm you sent out as samples?
  11. I received my order today! I have ordered frome them before and it brings a smile to my face the detail of a handwritten note. The samples are a nice touch too.
    Dr Harris Lavender was in fact out of stock for a few weeks. I received a
    prompt response to my inquiry about when this soap was going to
    be available. It's hard not to order other goodies, so I also ordered Pre de provence soap and June Clover AS.
    Excellent vendor for our shaving needs and will order from them again in
    the future. :thumbup:

  12. I got a fever baby, and the only prescription is more shaving stuff !! :w00t:
  13. Good to Hear!

    Based on a reccomendation from a B&B member I bought my 38c from them this morning.....
  14. Just received my first razor and cream from Shaving Essentials. Just totally top notch service, like you might have got in the old days. I really appreciated their effort and success in making a new customer happy. I'm going back there for more!
  15. (being as polite as possible)
    I have ordered from them in the past, and will do so in the future. It's not their fault for being out of stock, it's ours. When we all jump on a product, they have no choice but to run low. Like I said, I don't want to be rude, but supply and demand sometimes works against a retailer.
  16. I ordered my Merkur HD razor from them. They're a top notch vendor. Got a lot of nice samples of various products to try. Was quite impressed and can definitely recommend them.
  17. Thanks everyone! You all are very kind and we appreciate all of your comments! We like this business and hope to make all of you good friends.
  18. Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle!!! The only place I have seen Quisp is at the Acme. Yes, NJ does have ACME supermarkets, and no, they do not sell contraptions designed to capture road runners! :w00t:

    I just ordered from John and can't wait to get my goodies in. He shipped Uber Promptly, now it is all up to the USPS.
  19. Having just gotten my order last week, let me just add . . . +4 or +5 or whatever we're up to now to the praise.

    Well packed, VERY quickly shipped, nice note and a bevy of cool free samples. I'll be back, definitely.

  20. Last Sunday evening, I ordered some aftershaves from Shaving Essentials. I had some questions about another product and sent an email after my order. I got an email back about an hour later (on a Sunday night no less) from John C. answering my question and telling me he was packing my order (on a Sunday night!). Got my package yesterday with a nice handwritten note and some nice samples, including one of JM Fraser Shaving cream which I was considering buying in that order any way but figured I'd wait so as not to incur SWMBO's wrath. They'll see my money again. I now need to shave today to try one of my new aftershaves.

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