Should I strop after honing?

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  1. After I finish honing my blade, should I also strop it? Stropping is to re-align the edge, but the edge is as straight as its going to get after honing, right?

    I'm just talking about the first time I shave with the razor after honing. I know that each time after I need to strop it. I'm just wondering if I should also strop the blade right after I finish honing.
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    I like to whipe the blade clean and strop a few stokes to insure the edge is dry.
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    Actually I will strop after coming off the 12k and then I will go to CrO for a few laps and then strop again.
  4. I find my edges coming off my Coticules are improved greatly by stropping. The difference is fairly noticeable. I am not sure about other stones.
  5. I used to...I have tried without and it's just as good and smooth. But that depends on what kind of stone you're coming off of...

    Regardless of what you do...after that post-hone, "virgin" shave, you need to strop for sure.
  6. Blade becomes much, much, MUCH sharper after a stropping. So in one word, yes.
  7. Nothing more to add... except that I've noticed incredible jumps in HHT results after stropping.
  8. Should you strop yes definitely .
    question is after honing Should someone strop on linen and leather side or just one side?
    Answer is this.
    Never strop on linen side if you are coming off from a good stone.
    Good Japanese or Escher.
    go just straight to leather side.
  9. What if I'm coming of a Norton 8K?
  10. you are safe no worries go head strop on linen then leather.
  11. I only use a coti. I get my best edge with a couple of strokes on wool felt first followed by a few on my Ambrose Spanish... it really makes a huge difference with a coti.
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  13. if you come off bad stone your must definably give the razor a good stropping on linen

    bad stone=coticule by the way
    me bad man so me hones on bad stone:lol:

    But all joking aside, why don't you try it? If you notice that your first shave after honing and only stropping on leather is not as good as your second shave that was stropped on both linen and leather, than you have your answer.

    Kind regards,
  14. I usually strop ~20 linen then 50 leather (guestimations). If I don't feel like using Linen for some reason I double my time on Leather. I've heard reports that Linen is functionally different than Leather somehow, but in my experience it is simply more aggressive... like leather with extremely high draw/drag. Linen is to Leather what Latigo is to Cordovan. Or something like that.
  15. I've experimented with stropping v. not stropping coming off several finishing stones (cotis, c12K, Nakayamas). Invariably, the stropped razor provides a sharper, more comfortable shave
  16. I'd strop it to make sure there aren't any microscopic burrs that might not be comfortable against the face!

    I'm only guessing because I have not honed yet. But I strop it before the shave and after the shave to make sure the blade is really dry before putting it away.
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    After I hone I strop . . . a lot. Eventually I may not do as much as I currently do. I found my edge after honing . . .harsh. Since then I have done 100 laps on canvas and 100 on leather. Works well. Kinda scared to do otherwise.

  18. Yes!
  19. Bart, I read somewhere that you recommended stropping on the linen to catch any small metal particles that might otherwise get embedded in the leather, or is that incorrect?
  20. For some people is very hard to understand what properly honed edge look like.It is very very thin.
    If you come off a good Japanese stone( there is a lot low grade Japanese stones out there) you Don't need to go to linen side.
    Function of Linen side is?
    to heat up the edge and make leather side easier to straighten out the edge.
    You ask how about norton 8k ? i said go head use both side. i know Norton will not make edge as thin as could Japanese stone.
    What they say stropping 100 on linen and 100 leather is correct. This means by honing Some people cannot bring the edge to sharpness which requires less stropping . Basically you should have properly honed edge if not you can strop 1000 times wont hurt.
    Some peoples hones are so bad after finishing the edge you will have small metal particles then linen side will really help.
    Or could be unfinished edge may have some metal particles. i haven't seen properly honed blade has some metal particle so far.
    have fun.
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