Should I buy a Shavette?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by highlyevolved, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Been shaving with safety razor for 5 years but I'm looking for something to get me even closer. I'm not 100% satisfied with my Merkur Soligen. I find it very hard to get smooth on chin, moustache and neck areas no matter how many passes.
    Im using Astra Platinums ATM.
    I feel like a lot of the issue comes down to the razor head being big and hard to maneuver in those areas and feel like I'd get better ease on those areas with a Shavette.
    I don't really want to deal with the maintence of an actual straight razor but am looking for something to help tame but tough and quick beard growth.


  2. The maintenance probably wouldn't add any meaningful amount of time to your routine. Stropping takes less than a minute. Drying the razor at the end? You're probably already doing that. No more need to keep track of how many shaves on a blade or change the blade once or twice a week. Seems like a wash, and its not difficult. Shavettes are not really less maintenance. Most of them are lighter and less natural feeling in your hand. And they are much less forgiving than a straight. They can cost less to start, but they can cost a lot more than a straight too.
  3. Yes, get a shavette. Why not? It will work fine. Many people are very happy with all different kinds of shavettes. Good luck!
  4. You're probably going to be using the same blades, so you should consider that. Shavettes are cheap enough to try out though. I like the Parker models, such as SR1, SR2 etc. THere are a ton available on Amazon and the like for under $20.
  5. You could try a shavette but like others mentioned it's very light and personally I don't think it's easier then a real straight at all. I had great results with another kind of replaceable blade straight aka Feather Artist Club razors or the Kai razors but we are talking way more expensive here. A much cheaper version is the CJB from Korea, about same price as a shavette (there is someone on the forum that has access to those I believe).

    Have you tried other blades besides the Astra's in your DE? Could make a lot of difference.
  6. I bought a shavette while I was waiting for my straight to arrive, thinking that I could start learning the tecnique of shaving with a straight razor. IMO the shavette is WAY less forgiving and does not give the same feeling of accomplishment when using. And, you will get a very close shave with the straight.
  7. buy one - they're cheap enough - if you don't like it you can sell in BST
  8. Hi, I think you should definitely try a shavette. One word of warning is that when I bagged one my shaves got worse - razor burn & not as close! But if you're expecting a steep learning curve & are preparing yourself for this then all will be fine! Enjoy!
  9. Durham Duplex. Maybe.
  10. I have a shavette, a cheap one at that, and I cant fault it well worth a try and if you like it you can always get a real straight later.
  11. There are more than just the generic half DE blade shavettes, the cabinet blade 62mm shavette's maybe easier due to their length. These are available as Tondeo, generic rebadged shavettes or using a Dovo with the correct insert. There are also injector blade and hair shaper blades shavettes. Have you considered an injector if a DE head is too big?

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