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  1. Ok, so I'm in SoCal for business and had the day off today. Given my travel items for shaving were way below par, I decided to look around to see what venue was near me. Amazingly enough, WCS wasn't too far for me (a little over an hour); so I figured I'd drive over and pick up some essentials.

    For those who have doubts: they're real, live people! Their shop is on the 2nd floor of a small commercial building, but it serves as an efficient storefront counter and stockroom with a little office space to boot. Lili is indeed a real person and as friendly as they get.

    Now mind you, my intent was to get a travel shave brush and some cream. About $140 later I had to leave, as "I should try this. I should try this too." was taking over. A dangerous place to stop by if you have obsessive supply acquisition issues. Lili was very pleasant and gave me the tour of the shelves, let me smell practically every shave product in they stocked, answered all manner of questions (and asked her own in order to help), and gave me a slew of little samples of things in addition to what I actually bought.

    Class act for the folks at WCS. I'll have no issues with ordering from them in the future. Fantastic service!

    P.S. For those expecting shipments, they had an entire batch of items packaged up and waiting for UPS shipment for your grimy little paws very soon! :cool:
  2. I might have to make the trip myself, not to far from San Diego.
  3. I just placed an order about an hour ago! Can't wait to get my grimy paws on it!
  4. If they had anything like that kind of storefront where I live, I'd probably go nuts!
  5. I wonder if thier UPS driver is a wet shaver ?
  6. I got my grimy paws on my first WCS shipment this Monday!
  7. That could get out of control in a hurry, it's a good thing I'm no longer in SD! I'll need to check it out the next time I head to SoCal though...
  8. I will definitely check that place out the next time I'm down there. I lived near there for so long and used to commute by it every day, but had no idea it was there. It wasn't until after moving that I got into shaving. :mad2:
  9. Wait until you get your order up to $80 and shipping is free. I get fast service, even in Alabama.
  10. It's always a pleasant experience ordering from WCS.
  11. Absolutely love WCS. Its my go to website for wet shaving supplies.
  12. Getting a box from them in my paws tomorrow! Can't wait, new Simpson brush!
  13. Will be down in Southern California this summer, may have to stop in there as well. I had thought about it, but...
  14. I was there about 2 months ago and had a very similar experience. They were very helpful. I even took some pictures of the store. :)
  15. WCS is my favorite vendor. They're always a pleasure to deal with.
  16. the_edski

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    WHO TOLD YOU MY PAWS WERE GRIMY!?! Lol, but seriously, I wish I lived Cali so i could see this upclose and personal!
  17. Grimy! How dare...LOL. Their good people. Love ordering from them.
  18. Worked for about two months within twenty minutes of wcs. Three shopping trips. One great thing was that I wanted a Simpsons brush and I could see them and compare them side by side. Lili was very helpful and patient unwrapping about 8 brushes for me to compare. They are really good people.
  19. Chances are you probably saw my box sitting there. It literally just shipped out today :001_302:
  20. That's cool man. I just got my first wet shave kit in the mail from them today.

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