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  1. I usually use Wilkinsons...but my local Wal-Mart hasnt had them for a while. So I came across some blades at my local Shop-Rite. I bought them. They were a little more pricier than the Wilkinsons, but still under $5. I like them...I actually think they shave better than the Wilkinsons...anyway, does anyone have any info about them? I highly doubt Shop-Rite has its own line of DE Blades...what brand are they repackaging?...just curious...

    fwiw, the blades have "Made in the U.S.A" inked on them...they also come in a nice little slide dispenser...
  2. These are undoubtedly blades manufactured by American Safety Razor (Personna). AFAIK they are the only company still manufacturing DE and SE blades in the U.S.A. and they supply most of the store brands available.
  3. ...thats what I local Walgreens sells branded of course, but on the back in small print, is the name "Personna"...
  4. Do you know which personnas they are? Are they re-branded barbers or something?
  5. Yes sir
  6. Not to hijack the thread, but are these "house brand" personna's any good? I see them at most stores, even the Dollar General has them, and I believe they are reasonably priced there... They are ALL packaged the same with different names on the blister pack.
  7. I happen to like the Personna Barbers. They're really sharp and I find them to be pretty smooth. Good to know that I can find a blade I like if I'm traveling!
  8. I get the from the dollar store in the 5 pack, which is around what you would pay per blade if you get a brick of some. Theyre not the best but not the worst. I always keep them around just for variety. They come with a nice plastic dispenser for travel and its got a holder in the back that you can fit a good amount of used blades.

    Now walgreens has the same blade rebranded in a fancier dispenser with some metal in it and a huge blade slot in the back. These have 10 in them and are around $8.99 which is a total rip off.
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  9. I've only tried the Personna "Barbers" available loose from

    It's been awhile since I tried them but I remember them to be pretty sharp and smoothe but only good for a couple of shaves and causing more sting/burn from my Clubman splash AS.

    I would agree that for a brick and mortar offering, this is a perfectly acceptable blade if you don't have one of your favorites available.
  10. I fell in love with these standard US Personnas which I first bought at my local Rite Aid. Later I found the Israeli Blues which are very similar but are even less money. Woohoo!
  11. Way too much to pay but if they can get that kind of bread for 'em, well, that's the retail biz for you. (I am a battle-scarred veteran of the retail mines. I don't usually pay more than I have to for anything.)
  12. I think its more a case of 1) if you dont know better then you deserve to pay that much or 2) your from out of town and we know we can get this much out of you. They usually only have a couple and they dont bother putting em under lock and key. I was surprised walmart put their crappy ws blades that were $1.80 in the cabinet with the cartridge blades.
  13. That is precisely the retail biz. In its essence. You have put it well! :thumbup1:
  14. Little bit of an update: I have been using these Personnas for a week or so now, and have come to the following conclusions...

    -Much sharper than the Wilkinsons I usually use.
    -First shave is great.
    -Second shave is almost murder
    -Third shave isnt possible.

    These blades dull incredibly fast. I guess my beard is too coarse for these hopefully Walmart will stock the Wilkinsons again soon...
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