Shoes for restaruant work?

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  1. This kind of accompanies my other thread, but for obvious reasons this doesn't fit under the same title...

    I need suggestions on shoes that would work in such an environment. As such they need to have a non-slip bottom, lest I end up on me arse (done it before...) and they should also be black.. They don't need to be Oxfords, and in fact they probably shouldn't be... they need to be comfortable to stand on all day... but they probably shouldn't be sneakers.

    Any suggestions would be grand, thanks.
  2. Whatever is cheap and old Restaraunt shoes were $20 at Payless Shoes
  3. Red Wings
  4. M80

    M80 Contributor

    Timberland PRO® Five Star Meurice
  5. professorchaos

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    When I worked in kitchens, I wore shrimper's boots. Cheap, durable and funk resistant.
  6. I worked in a restaurant for 14 years and was on my feet for 50+ hours a week. My favorite shoe was Birkenstocks. They make full shoes as well as clogs and they do have slip resistant soles on some of the lines they have. They were amazingly comfortable to stand in for long periods of time. They are expensive, but I found that they lasted a long time.
  7. Shrimpers boots I don't think will work, since it will be front of the house work...

    hmmm Ill look into Birkenstocks.. how much were they, approx?
  8. Isaac

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    Mario Batali Croc Shoes aka Bistro

    I have been wearing these shoes for the better part of five years. They are long lasting, comfortable, slip resistant, and prevent foot odor. I have had almost every bodily fluid spilled on them, and they wipe off clean. I HIGHLY recommend them.
  9. I've worked in restaurants all my life.
    In my opinion best non slip shoe and confortable shoes are:
    #1, shoes for crews(falcons are about 60 to 70 $ shipped}(can only buy online)
    #2,dr.scholls carreers (at walmart about 35 to 45$)
    #3 tread safe (at walmart about same price of dr.scholls)(not the best but o.k.)
    When we got our shoes for crews we actually put olive oil on the floor and the shoes would still stick to the floor.
    Hope this helps.
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    What job are you going to be doing in the restaurant? If you are going to be cooking or working in the dish pit don't get anything that have laces. Laces trap food and they get nasty. I wore Birkenstock professional clogs, they are comfortable, non-slip and because they are plastic if they get nasty you can hose them off.
  11. I worked in a deli on my feet quite awhile ago. I bought work oxfords at Sears and found them quite good.
  12. Either Hosting or Bussing (yet to be assigned, if I get the option it will be the former! lol)
  13. I worked front of house for about 5 years and I always had to have polished leather shoes, brogues preferred. Just make sure they fit you well as your feet will swell a lot under the strain. Not too heavy in construction- commando soles are great for grip and feel unstoppable but after 40 hours on your feet in a few days they don't seem so cool. Go for comfort rather than durability. Birkenstock are good but if your feet are the wrong shape you're in trouble and the sole break-in is a bitch. I would never have been allowed to wear then in the places I worked. Mephisto if you've got the cash, a light Oxford if you can find one (that's a UK Oxford, 'toe-cap' obligatory) with thinnish flexible sole- Ecco, Clark's or Grenson. A waiter cannot skimp on shoes so start saving a little for the pair you want and get two to allow them to dry out. Your feet are gonna hurt, so my advice is to get something which puts less added strain on them. A good kitchen mops up spills quickly but there is frequently a patina of grease etc around during service. Learn how to slide!
    And Compeed is your friend. 'Synthetic skin' for athletes' blisters- it's the business.
  14. professorchaos

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    No, they probably won't work for the front of the house.
  15. + 1 for Birkies', the Boston clog...
  16. Also, you may want to check with the restaurant. They may have a dress code. One of the places I worked at told the bus boys and host(ess)s to wear sneakers. Go figure.
  17. +1 for Redwing.

    They make all types of boots and shoes, even pretty dressy looking ones. But they are all purpose built for hard work and being on your feet all day.
  18. I could get three months out of Shoes for Crews oxfords before they would die. I have gotten 3+ years out of Dansko and Sanita clogs and I have had good results with Crocs Bistro.
  19. I have also used many a pair of super birkis throughout my career. They are super comfortable, the foot beds are replaceable, and they happen to be dishwasher safe! The nice thing about them over Dansko or anything leather is that at the end of the night you can just take a grimy towel from the bin, wipe off the excess gunk, then take out the foot bed and use some spray cleaner to really get them clean. An average pair runs me about $100, but they outlast the Shoes for Crews and cheaper stuff by years. I got 3 years out of my last pair, though I replaced the foot beds about once a year as I would wear the cork out at the heels and toes. The high back professionals are also fantastic, I notice less heel wear on the cork.
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    Dr. Martens. They make lots of professional looking models--it's not all grunge and work boots!

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