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  1. Last time I needed a new pair of dress shoes (and I'm a musician - I'm in a tuxedo probably every other week) I picked up a pair of Mezlan. Best $250 I ever spent - they're almost as comfortable as the Clarks I use as my everyday shoes, and they look really good. Well-built, too.
  2. In the past six months I've bought two pairs of Too Boot New York shoes (Austins, in black and chocolate) and a pair of their boots (Anconas?). Too Boot makes a really great product at a very reasonable price...leather soles, really nice leather uppers and their "look" is very cool. They'll cost you between $200.00 and $400.00, but worth every penny.

    As a disclaimer, sort of, I work for a footwear company, but we don't make men's dress shoes. If we did, I'd be pushing our brand. (We make equestrian footwear...really, really good equestrian footwear.)
  3. Treated myself to four pair of Allen-Edmonds all at once. Got enough trees for each pair to have it's own set while I go about my business in Dr. Marten's until the weather gets a bit warmer and all the salt and crap are off the ground.
    The A-E's are: 2 pair of Hillcrest in black, and in chestnut (chestnut color no longer offered), and 2 pair of Bergland (style apparently discontinued on the A-E website) in black, and in brown.
    I enjoy just looking at them all, but wearing them is even better!
  4. Allen Edmonds shoes are in my opinion the finest "off the shelf" shoes made in America and only improve with wearing.

    "Comfortable as an old shoe" Shakespeare
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    Alden shell cordovan. The longer you wear them, the better they look. Pricey, but when considering the years you will wear them, its negligible.
  6. Aldens.... Love to have a pair but the mission that is set before me to get hold of them is quite large!

    I know of one Alden stockist in London UK, that's it. Buying online is not an option in case the sizing is out because returns could be an issue.
  7. E.J. Great choice. I have two pair that I purchased at Nordies.:badger:
  8. Mezlan is a nice shoe but is not worth retail by any means (I own four pair including tux shoes). They're not Goodyear welted and some of the leather is grain corrected. Nothing wrong with that, but for full price there are much better choices.

    For USA made Allen Edmonds is terrific and reliable as you'll ever find. They were just bought by a larger company and rumor has it they will take some or all production off-shore. Alden costs more than AE and is arguably a better shoe, but if either one has the style you like, you can't go wrong. Recently my rotation has regularly included Alden shell cordovan bluchers (made from the hide or "shell" of a horses' butt!).
  9. Taz


    +1 Doc's and AE's No other way to go:thumbup:
  10. Taz


    +1 It is true that they improve with age esp. in comfort. I have a real old pair that look it. They are the most comforable dress shoe I have.
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    I've been really impressed with Sandro Moscaloni shoes of late, and have several pair. Really stylish.
  12. I have one pair of those that use for my "nicer than casual, but not all the way to a suit" days. For everyday I wear a pair of Clarks that I've had for about 6 years now. The Moscolonis are very nice, though.

    I'll take a look at the Allen-Edmonds and Aldens next time I'm in the market for some shoes.
  13. Allen Edmund's
  14. DITTO
  15. Does AE have something that would go equally well with jeans and business attire?
  16. Check out their website: here

    They have quite a few selections in the Dress Casual and Casual lines. I own two pair of their dress shoes; Hillcrest and Brentwood (discontinued style, I believe). They are very comfortable. I have very wide feet (4E), so it's difficult to find nice looking shoes in that size. These fit the bill quite nicely.

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    +1 on Allen Edmonds. They are by far the most comfortable dress shoes I have ever owned and they look great.
  18. Doc4

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    Ah, how tastes change. :001_rolle

    I've since gotten interested in good quality English shoes, and wouldn't buy another pair of Moscalonis. The "Peale & co." shoes from Brookes Bros. are made by a couple of reputable English companies, and when on discout are an affordable entry into this luxury.
  19. So Doc, what are you enjoying these days?

    I'm pondering a pair of church's only after many Aldens lately.

    Eesh. I blame you.
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    I certainly like the Peal shoes from Brooks Bros. I've got several pair. Eesh, I blame me, too.

    (I understand those shoes are made by Crockett & Jones, and by Alfred Sargent ... both reputable English makers.

    ... there are some on sale right now at the BB website ... basically half off! :tongue_sm Eesh, blame me again.

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