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  1. I recently picked up some neutral shoe cream for a pair of brown shoes I bought. I never had a brush previously, is that something that can be used with both the creams and the black polishes? Or does each polish/cream get its own brush?
  2. Separate brushes are better, but the same can be used in a pinch. Just make sure it is rinsed out well, especially ater you use black. I suggest going to an army surplus store. They have shoe shine kits on the cheap and usually have two or three brushes included. I pick one up about once a year or so.
  3. Great thanks. I might just hit up the small shoe repair shop in my town.
  4. Shoe brushes are like shaving brushes.....A horsehair brush is best...A cheap shoe brush will not give you the glow of a good one.
    Quite a few years ago there was a really good synthetic brush from Kiwi, but I have not seen it in many years. Trust me...A good horsehair is worth the money.
    You really need two. One for black/Cordovan...One for brown/tan. 11 years Army has taught me how to polish shoes.
  5. I agree. Buy two.
  6. Isaac

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    usually three brushes are optimal in your arsenal. One for black shoes, one for brown, and one for cordovan. Although, cordovan and brown can be interchangeable in a pinch.
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    Buy lots. Start a "shoebrushAD" thread.

    Seriously though, if you have neutral polish, I'd devote one brush to that, so as not to contaminate it with pigmented polish. Beyond that, get one for each "colour group" you actually need: black should get its own, light and dark brown should be separate, and you can go on and on depending on how precise you want to be ... if it really matters to you, have a dedicated brush for each tin of polish.
  8. I use soft bristle toothbrushes and dedicate one to each type of polish used. Inexpensive and I get an almost see yourself shine on my shoes.
  9. I suggest separate horsehair shoe brushes for each color.
  10. Matching color polish, dauber and brush for each color of shoe. Neutral polish is used for a secondary "clear" coat over your color coats. I use it to make the shoes "pop".

    I've bought at retail, estate sales and inherited my shoe shine equipment. I have enough to cover my natural life and my 4 kids lives.:lol:
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    be advised the Star Brushes are cheap...check one out to learn what I mean...if you can find a good old vintage one, they are the best....Empress was a great brand...military folks use to get the best brushes, too. I just picked one up off da bay for 10 bucks...its my office brush...

    Franks brushes are very nice...soft, unlike the vintage ones I like...they are 21 bucks a piece....

  12. strop

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    Another reason to cruise the antique stores. Just got a great horsehair brush for $5!

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