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  1. I've always been afraid to buy/ship shaving creams, colognes, etc. when it's really hot outside, thinking that the heat may damage the product. However, I don't know if this fear is founded on reality or not. Does anyone have experience with shaving products being damaged by heat during shipment? Thanks!
  2. I do not have any experience with my shaving stuff damaged by heat. (please look where I live. :lol:) But I have read about cream's ingredients got separated by heat. I also read that Speick cream actually got hardened after long exposure to heat. :)
  3. Creams in tubes can be a problem. As stated above, they get dry due to the heat but they perform the same. Just need some extra work and face-lathering could be problematic. As for creams in tubs, they fare better. I recently took delivery of some TOBS creams. The cream in the tubs was squished to a side and very light oily substance was visible. I just mixed/mashed it back together with a finger and it looks the way its supposed to look and performs as expected.

    As for colognes, I'm pretty sure they should survive the delivery process if packed properly.
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  4. Since most products we buy are made internationally, it has to survive a trans-oceanic journey before it even makes it to the US. If it can survive that, certainly it can hang on another 3 days in a UPS truck
  5. Shaving cream can melt in hot weather. We put electric tape around our tubs to prevent leakage. I would do the same if you are shipping a cream out that you sold on the BST. If your shaving cream does melt, just let it sit on your countertop overnight, and it should be good the next day.
  6. I dont purchase creams during the hot months, ive been iching for a tub of T&H Trafalgar but am not going to risk it. I love the scent too much and heat is horrible for scents. Ive experienced issues not only with shaving creams but also bottles of cologne that were not stored in a cool place, the fragrance definitely suffers.
  7. ....i bought a tub of Salter rose shaving cream from Bullgoose. it leaked quite a lot....

    ..........a big pink mess in the package...........!
  8. I live in Texas and last summer ordered several creams that did melt during shipment. As others have already mentioned, it is possible. Now I only order creams during the cooler months.
  9. Good topic - never thought of this. Curious if this matters living in Minnesota in the winter :) I've purchased all of my creams between February and now, however, our most recent winter was oddly mild...
  10. I think you are splitting hairs here.

    These items are on trailers and containers many times while being shipped from the factory, to the wholesalers, to the retailers. Having shipped creams in all seasons for the last few years I can tell you there was a never a problem.

    Do you honestly believe that commerce comes to a screeching halt in the summer months with nothing being shipped. What do you say about medicines coming from your insurance providers mail order service and many other items even more important and sensitive then shave cream.
  11. I can only speak about my previous experiences. That is all.
  12. I buy and sell year round also and have only ever experienced 1 or 2 very minor problems in the last 2 years. As long as you stick to buying from someone with a good reputation (either vendor or B&B member) an amicable resolution in the event of a problem is just a given.

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