shea moisture brush no longer badger

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  1. New brush in 100% badger branded box but looks synthetic. All white bristle with dark tips.

    On sale for 9 from 11.

    Big change from just different handle. Handle looks same as previous last version...
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. How is it?

    A cheap synthetic could be good for travel if it dries quick and is widely available. I imagine Shea Moisture would want to differentiate themselves from VDH if its on the same shelf in Target.
  4. This target didn't have the vdh stuff.

    Didn't buy, no interest in using.
  5. Hope it's as good as the old model.
  6. I'm thinking it has to be an improvement. I found the badger prickly and floppy. Might make a good quick drying travel brush.
  7. Still sez badger on the carton. Oh, well...
  8. +1. IMHO, the badger one was/is useless. Even with an O ring added.
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    It looks a lot like The Body Shop synthetic with a different handle.
  10. Picked one up just now. I'm 99.99% certain it is synthetic. I'm on the road right now so I'll let you know how it works for travel.
  11. it was a satisfactory beginners brush... if you couldn't get past spending $30 on a first brush...
  12. It was my first brush, and has served me well for 4 months. Just ordered a Rudy Vey though. The target brush started to feel really prickly, and I have started to face lather much more, and the target brush is somewhat unsuited for that. It was a great, great introduction for using a brush though, at 9 bucks...
  13. Well that's a bummer. I wanted to pick some up at Target when Target comes to Canada :(
  14. Most definitely synthetic. Not a bad brush though. It is coarse, but not at all prickly or scratchy. For $10 I think it's a pretty good synthetic travel brush.
  15. The ones at my Target have changed as well. Can't say whether it's synthetic or boar or what, but it's definitely different. Looks like boar at the bottom and badger at the tips, almost like the Omega banded boars do. Package still says badger, which is not a wise way to market the product when it's not.
  16. if it looks like the pic posted up top, it;s likely synthetic...
  17. I saw the thread a few days ago and when I came back to post, I completely forgot there had been a pic posted! Yes, it looks just like the picture above.
  18. Got one today; box says 100% badger. Could just be treated... but it really smacks of synthetic. I'll call them.

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  19. it will be interesting indeed to hear from the manufacturer as to whether it is badger or not. Some serious false advertising going on, if not.
  20. The handle is nice for a $10 brush. Looks like it is turned, or at least there are no mold marks. Can't comment on the hair since I did not buy one, am not likely to with several Simpson brushes, including Commodore, Colonel, Case (Hey the are all C words ???. I had not realized that before)

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