shaving with a spoon...

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  1. this is murray carter... he is a 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and Certified Master Bladesmith....

    also he is a funny guy... if you have never seen any of his videos he *(like our much loved Honed) sharpens and shaves with any and everything....

    enjoy... shaving with a spoon...

    *(BTW... his beard sounds like it rivals that of Chuck Norris.... lol... )

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  2. I want one of those spoons...
  3. Just as long as SWMBO doesn't grab it for breakfast some morning!
  4. Very cool.
  5. Ole Murray.
    Does anyone know if he has shaved with a lawnmower blade yet ?

    The reason I ask is, I was mowing my yard this morning. I always set the adjustment to cut my grass as short as I can so I don't have to mow so often. Well, I must have been in a mean azz mood this morning cause I saw a toad frog and deliberately pushed the mower over him. Too my surprise he was unscathed by my intentions ? So, I pull the mower back over him, still no signs of any harm to the frog !?!? Now, I am puzzled. So, I push the mower over that damn frog once more and stop it over him. I get down to look through where the grass blows out. Guess what? That frog was jumping over the blade on every turn...That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  6. That's so really shouldn't scalp your lawn if its been grown out.
  7. Kentos

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    I believe he forged that spoon himself so he is likely the only man on earth who has done that :smile:.
  8. As impressive of a feat of shaving with a spoon is, and it is impressive. I think the more impressive thing done here is one forging a spoon and two honing a spoon to that level of sharpness.
  9. Really? You guys don't forge your own spoons?
  10. fantastic!!!!

    and that milk lathers up SOOOO nice to boot!!!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I love that vid :thumbsup:

    Murray is pretty much unique.
    He is the only bladesmith in the world holding the highest rank in the two largest cutlery countries, Japan & the US.

    He has some mad skills & knowledge of the type you just can't find in any book.

    Yeah, I'm a fan, a fanboy... SO SUE ME :biggrin:

    I have been lucky enough to have some indepth discussion with the man & he's knowledge sorta just keeps coming. Amazing guy.

    I do love to shave & sharpen "weird" things. But I will always come in second, simply because I canät forge my own spoons or swords or whatever..

    Speaking of forging, here is a nice video of Murray forging a Nakiri.

    Yes, almost completely unrelated, but it does give me a chance to tell ya'll that the knife that is forged in this video is currently hanging on my knife-rack. Yes, in my kitchen.
    Pretty nice :biggrin: (yes, Murray himself confirmed that it is the very knife I own that is getting forged here.)

    And I have shaved with it on multiple occasions, great shaver :thumbup:

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  13. Jens... that is awesome.... i just don't have the cash to get one from him.....

    *(maybe i can talk him into a trade.... one of my crappy kamisoris for a neck knife made by him.... hmmmmmm)
  14. He does need a razor, much be gruesome to get up at 5 am, finding yourself having to choose between a spoon- or a machete shave :biggrin:

    His finest knives are very expensive, but the kurouchi ones aren't that bad. And steel & performance is just as good on the "simpler" ones.

    Like mine, handmade of course, & as we see in the video tempered directly over the fire, not ovens or any kind of gauge..

    And the blade is just over 1mm thick, yes, 1mm.
    Still it holds a 10 degrees per side edge, refined up to 0.1µ. With no chipping or any problems. Against bamboo cutting boards..Not even the kids can destroy it
    That's close to witch-craft
  15. He is not the only man on earth that forged a spoon and not the first one either.
    Not sure why people are so amazed by Carter, he is knife maker that is well accepted in the knife circles (kitchen knives), but not viewed as the top dog.
    A person that is viewed as a top dog is Bob Kramer (only his prices are just crazy), there are others that are much more respected as knife makers. Carters are not that popular anymore as there is better stuff out there.
  16. I believe his meaning was that since he had to forge his own spoon to have a spoon capable of shaving with, it was a strong indicator that he was likely the only one to have shaved with a spoon.
  17. i'm still impressed he can get such lather out of his milk.....
  18. He's using a can of goo and wetting it with the stuff in the bowl from the looks of things.

  19. hehe

    i refuse to believe it. it's MILK MOJO I tell ya!

    ...won't you let me have my fantasies?? :lol:
  20. Most impressed with the fact that he got a edge like that on a spoon

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