Shaving Towel?

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  1. It seems adding a towel is the next step in my shaving evolution and looking around I was wondering what people were using?

    Is one material or weave better than another?
  2. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    Just a regular ol' cotton washcloth will do. No need to overthink it.
  3. FYI - I am a bachelor without much in the way of linens, so regardless I am going to have to buy something. Also as a bachelor I have the luxury of funding my new hobby without repercussions, so lets have at it.
  4. i have a custom name embroidered gold towel next to the sink. great for fast hand drying for straight razor shaving
  5. i use microfiber towels..
  6. Soft cotton towels & washcloths from TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Don't skimp on towels. Get nice stuff.
  7. nortac

    nortac Contributor

    Welcome to B&B! I'm not sure that anything is to be gained over a high quality cotton hand towel and wash cloth, but I welcome proof of anything better!
  8. They feel better is why I went with them. They weren't really outrageously expensive, either.
  9. nortac

    nortac Contributor

    I made my post before seeing yours. I use some old Ralph Lauren cotton towels and wash cloths that I've had for several years, don't know where they came from.
  10. regular terrycloth cotton works fine
  11. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found a pack of 12X12 small washcloths and use those. I paid about $6 for a pack or 4 or so.
  12. Thicker terrycloth works for me. I like hand towel size, since I'm a messy shaver.
  13. I had been using a black wash cloth, and once one day used a white towel. I realized from the blood spots on it, I had a few tiny weepers I did not realize were there. So a white towel might tell you just how close your shave is, where a black one won't show any spots like that.
  14. I use 15" x 23" cotton barber towels I picked up at atlantabarber. The larger size makes for a great hot wet steam on the old face before and after.
  15. ackvil

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    Welcome to B&B. Terry cloth towels or whatever my wife buys :001_rolle works fine for me. She usually gets them at Costco or some outlet store.
  16. +1 here.:thumbup1:
  17. I've been toying with the idea of trying a Shamwow in the hopes that it would hold the hot water better. I've used them in the past as fever towels when my daughter had a high fever and they worked well from a standpoint of holding water without dripping everywhere, but I haven't remembered to bring one up to the bathroom at night to try the next morning as yet. This might push me over the edge to give it a whirl.
  18. DR Harris have a range of face cloths and towels that are 100%, 640gm luxury cotton. Available in white and black direct from the UK website, also from Classic Shaving. Don't have any myself... ... yet...
  19. It's just Bounty paper towels for me.

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