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  1. Hi guys I have a problem with shaving nasty swirl on my neck. It looks like that. I recently started to shave with DE razor and when I'm passing through it razor starts "jumping" and after shave i have irritated skin. Maybe someone could give me some tips and advice how to solve this problem ??

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  2. I don't know if you're familiar with J-hooking but if you watch the Advanced techniques video made by Mantic. It might help you a lot. Just turn in the direction of swirl. The other suggestion I'd give would be to make sure you find the best blade angle to keep the blade from "jumping". That is what is causing the irritation. I tend to have to take a shallower angle on my neck for certain spots in order to trim them down for my against the grain pass.
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    Shaving a swirl can be tricky. Follow the grain as best you can, take it slow, and use short deliberate strokes. The jumping or skipping makes me think that improving your prep and blade angle might help, too. If you haven't already read it, try Getting started wetshaving for some tips.
  4. shave downward..
    then shave east to west direction
    then blade buff..all these motions done very lightly
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    Use shorter strokes and make sure to prepare your beard well: wash the neck area thoroughly, lather and leave it for two minutes prior to shaving.
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    I have the same problem with the beard on my neck. First, I determined which direction a majority of my beard grew and I did this in sections. My first pass is XTG in one direction, then the other direction. Then I go ATG. I use very little pressure on all of these. Then I feel my beard and either blade buff or J hook to clean up the rest.
  8. Another relative newbie here... have the same situation with a beard whirl. The fellas here are right... no pressure, do a couple of passes, and check out Mantic's advanced technique video on YouTube to learn about J-hooking and blade buffing.

    Remember, slow and steady wins the race! :)
  9. I have a similar problem and I find the J hook stroke works well.
  10. Id go very lightly over the swirl maybe an extra pass if needed ! when I was young I had the problem now that all my thick Black Hair is gray/white it doesnt seem to be as much of a problem !
    Enjoy Your Shave !
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