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  1. I made this from a plank o' pine over the weekend. 4 coats of satin varnish later, I finally got to hang it up before hittin' the hay. Let me know what you think!

  2. :thumbup1: Plenty of room for more stuff!
  3. That's what we all think at first!
  4. I made a hole for another razor, I just haven't settled on one yet. iKon OSS and EJ DE86 are the top contenders right now.
  5. Pretty sweet. Makes me feel less manly for picking one up at Lowes, that's for sure. Great job on the varnish and corners too. Best of all you get to fill up all that extra space.
  6. Very nice work.
    I like it.
  7. Nice work.

    I might be a little scared to put a brush in the slot. If it falls will it chip/break or land on carpet or worse..... go down the bowl?

    Brushes need a safety railing to keep them from jumping.
  8. Very nice!
  9. A wet shaver's worst nightmare.........
  10. The notch is...almost snug...
  11. Have you thought about a piece of leather with a snap or velcro on one end to use as a safety belt?

    They do have "click it or ticket" laws here, not sure about where you are though :smile:

    We have to protect those innocent brushes. They can't protect themselves ya know
  12. Nice work, I need to build a few extra shelve above the toilet in my shave den. I feel inspired now!
  13. Ha! the signs over my highway have been displaying "Click it or ticket" for the last couple of weeks!

    I agree though about that brush slot, It looks a little too scary for me. the rest of the shelf is very nice though. I already have too much stuff to fit comfortable on just one shelf, more power to you to have the restraint to only require one shelf. :)
  14. this is great!
  15. You could route out the hole for the brush more and make it an L or J shape to secure the brush.
  16. I cut it out with a drill and hand files - that's the extent of my precision tools (table and jig saws, belt sander, drill, files, and sand paper). It is surprisingly stable, though. Only a direct bump upwards knocks it out of place...say, after cleaning behind the toilet, forgetting it's there, and bumping my head.

    I am considering a safety belt, though. That brush came with a little plastic stand with an adhesive on the back. I'm considering that as well.
  17. I set up the shelf with things to use for a week and stow the rest under the sink!
  18. If it's not snug I wouldn't leave the brush there, plus you only have one brush?! Lol, but they will chip and possibly loosen the knot.

    Nice shelf, there's a lot you can change if needed, great start and nice look :)
  19. When I have too many products in my rotation, I have to only leave a few out or a fight with the girlfriend comes. Under the sink is fine if I get to add more soap :)
  20. very cool :001_smile

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