Shaving Pottery Reference Thread (Scuttles, Bowls & Mugs) ADD YOUR PIC!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas & Happy Everything!!

    In my search for the perfect scuttle and shaving bowl, I realized that it's really hard to find examples of all the available glazes and options from Dirty Bird and others...... so I thought I'd start a thread where we all can get a reference of the various potters and their various flavors.

    **This is not a thread about the latte mug you bought from Walmart** ..It is to help people see what is available from potters who may not have the ability to keep their websites up to date on all the options available... because they are busy throwing clay.

    All I ask is:
    -That we keep the pictures to a maximum & chatter to a minimum.
    -That we post pictures of things that the rest of us can actually BUY. (Discontinued glazes from DB, etc. are ok, but make a note if you know it's discontinued.)

  2. Georgetown Pottery G5 scuttle in green oribe and purple
  3. Rather than post tons of pics (you can find pics of my RB custom scuttle on my profile photo gallery if you are interested enough to go look), I will post links to Robert Becker's web pages on his scuttles, shave accessories, as well as his glaze chart (everything you need to know to order anything)


    Brush stands etc:

    Glaze example color chart:

    This should be enough to cover his stock work. He will also do customization you require something out of the ordinary, ranging from size, to handle, to custom glazes. I am very pleased with the custom over-sized scuttle he made for me in a custom one off color.

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  4. This is from "The Mud Place" at


  5. This was made for me by peach tree pottery in Los Angeles. I requested it to be thick stoneware of course. 5" wide, and about 2 1/2" deep. And the inside of the bowl is curved inward a little to stop the lather to come up.
    It's non glazed. Not so smooth, but not so rough either.
    Look at the monster lather it makes... I just used about half a tea spoon of RSC cream and half of the bowl is full of rich creamy lather, and look at the lather on the brush itself...

  6. Ordered from Georgetown tonight in fact...
  7. Got this back in the summer. I posted this pic from a different thread, but I love this thiing.

    $G5 Hamada (11).jpg
  8. Thanks & keep the pictures flowing... ^^^ Awesome! ^^^

    That green and purple Georgetown i've never seen. The "The Mud Place" bowl is outstanding!! Great Robert Becker references.
  9. A few pics of my Scuttles from Dirty Bird Pottery.

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  10. Is that the original or the 1.5?
  11. The larger one is on the left in my hand. Just purchased the other it it is smaller. I would go with the smaller one.
  12. Thanks. Why would you go with smaller one? Also, do you prefer the web or no web inside?
  13. The smaller one is in of itself smaller but the inside lip goes over the top and helps keep the shaving creame from coming out. Sort of like a little overhang over the bowl. The smaller one is also easier to put on the sink or hold in your hand if needed. I have not noticed any benefits or pluses on the webbing. I prefer the non web. Its more appeasing to my eyes. I do know that they both rock! Keeps lather warm and adds to the shave.
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  14. when id you order your small one? and how long did it take to recieve it?
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  16. Man, that is some great lather!!
  17. This is a Dirty Bird Bill Bowl that I ordered at 2" deep. Color is routille rim on blue. Sorry about the brush being in the way.

  18. This is a 2 tone brown (discontinued color) Dirty Bird 1.5 that I got from the BST from B&B member Woodsrider (great guy)... It's beautiful and works amazingly well.

  19. Is there a piece of pottery under there? If so, what does it look like? :)
  20. I received it in a couple weeks. Julie at Dirty Bird mentioned she was taking some time off for the holidays but then it showed up! I guess those pottery folks just can't quit making this stuff! She has fast delivery.

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