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  1. Hi guys, I'm going to Spain in two weeks, but what I want to know is because this is my first week shaving with a DE razor, the first time I shaved with it it left my face red raw and if I was in a room with any heat I would be in excruciating pain, (I know it's down to technique and in time I'll get used to it) but do you think I should switch back to a cartrige razor while I'm over in the sun, or should I just keep on trucking?
  2. You are just using TOO much pressure. If you are determined to keep practicing and do not mind taking the bare essentials with you, razor, brush soap, blades, then i would keep truckin'. If you want to simplify things, then take the carts with a good brush and soap. Good luck.
  3. Celestino speaks truth,

    Keep it simple and taking a brush will let you practice lather even with a cart.

    Or you can take the opportunity to pick up some nice menthol creams/soaps for the warmer clime: proraso green tube should work and the pre/post also makes a nice balm for irritation (or a touch of sunburn).

    Technique is paramount early on though mate. I'd keep practicing with the blade; just relax and maybe not try to chase BBS.
  4. FYI- I use a shave stick and face lather when I travel. It saves weight, if you are comfortable face lathering.
  5. Don't ruin your vacation by messing up your face.... there's plenty of time when you get back to learn how to DE shave.
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    this. The man from Fungstan speaks the absolute truth.

  7. +2. Trips like that are too few and far between to be spent with a sore face. I would keep working on the lather but just take a cart for the shave.
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    +! for Chris, enjoy vacation, learning will come later with no pressure. One other item to consider, your brush lathering on your face! I hadn't DE shaved in 30+ years and had shaved off my beard so in addition to relearning technique, I had to wade through any irritation that soaps, creams etc may cause. After solving those issues and getting many GREAT shaves, the last item I found that caused an issue was trying to face lather, so for now I bowl lather.

  9. I was in the same boat as you, just started DE shaving and then spent a week in Spain (fwiw not that much Sun, but I guess compared to Ireland/UK). Anyway I brought my kit, but couldnt find a blade. So I just used the disposable that the hotel gave me and the shaving cream I brought, it worked well. As anxious as you are, I'd stick with what I know for the holiday and jump back in when you get back!

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