Shaving Mug vs. Shaving Bowl

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  1. Well I've only been at it a week with this DE shaving and with a mug. It looks like the mug is going to be taking a back seat.

    Was just upstairs giving my $5.00 second hand store stoneware mug a try out before using it in the morning. It is about 4" across the top and about 3" tall. The flare to the sides makes it nearly impossible to "clank" the brush against it as you whip up the soap. As careful as I have been this past week my better half couldn't help but hear the occasional "clunk, clank" against the mug. Mind you, she would never complain or even bring it up - it's just not her. (And yes I know how lucky I am).

    But I'm going with the bowl for now. How about you?
  2. I Face lather.

    Your wife has a problem because you clink, clank, and clunk? Wait until old age sets in and you add creaking knees, popping joints, and other noises that are all accented with a loud Harumph as you clear your throat.

    Or use a wood bowl.
  3. I use a 22oz Cappuccino Mug, 5 1/2" across and ~3 3/4" high, I gst my clunking when using a brush with a short, bulbous handle, with the longer thinner handles, virtually no clunking, a shorter loft will also contribute to the problem.

    For my shorter bulbous brushes, I use a White Ceramic 8oz Mortar with an unfinished bowl (coarse surface), BTW I find this works well when breaking- in Boar Brushes, helps splaying process.

    I bowl Lather 85% of the time :001_tt1:, 15% Face :001_tt2:.
  4. For soaps, I still like to use a shaving mug. I solved the clunking problem a year ago when I bought a Marvy mug. It's big enough for any size puck, made of hard rubber to survive falls and tip-overs, and above all--very, very quiet!.

  5. Mugs for storage, initial brush loading, and vintage ambiance, and bowls for lather production.
  6. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    My shaving mug is a four inches across so I need not worry about making any noises. :closedeye
  7. It's my right to clank!!!!
    God bless America!!!
  8. I use a bowl. I started using a mug and then I saw someone here demonstrating making lather in a bowl and I thought I'd try that. I find that I prefer the bowl to the mug. I'm able to move the brush about more freely and whip up a better lather.
  9. I use an 18 ounce mug that I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5. It's 4 3/4" across the top and 3 3/4" high. At the bottom it's 3" across. It gives me plenty of room for my Rooney 3/1. Plus having the handle helps too.
  10. Sorry, we sleep in the attic and I shave in the basement bathroom, so I cannot really relate to your problem.

    I do use a little porcelain bowl that is wider by the rim than in the bottom and I don't tend to clank the least. My problem is that the lather tends to "wander" out of the bowl when I'm getting into the whipping...
  11. I have a Marvy rubber mug that is clanks, and unbreakable.
  12. +1 on the face lathering
  13. Searlands

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    I used a Muhle bowl, but did find it a little shallow. This resulted in my lather "trying" to pour over the top and I had to scoop it up with my brush and re-introduce.

    I recently received a Edwin Jagger Mug as a present from my wife, with the little handle knot on the side. Its quite a bit taller, broader and has three "ridges" in the bottom to help things along with the lather. I really like this mug as it easier to hold onto and I get a awesome lather time after time.

    I also like to work the lather into my face for a good minute or two before I start to shave. Don't think the bowl will get any use for a while.
  14. I have 2 bowls I have started with, can't decide which I like better. A small metal kitchen bowl about 4-3/4" across the top, about 3-1/2" across the bottom and around 2" tall. I use a regular glass sundae bowl I bought at Wal-mart. The lather doesn't seem to try to escape the sundae bowl nearly as much as it does the metal one.
  15. DaveL

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    I started face lathering in June and haven't looked back. I use a mug to hold my brush while shaving.

    I have two nice bowls that I'm now trying to sell.
  16. For a fun exercise, try a teacup saucer! It works just great with creams and you'll never clink the sides.

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