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  1. A few days ago I had the idea of deliberately buying the cheapest possible shaving stuff I could find and seeing how it performed. Thus I found myself in possession of a 10 pack of supermarket brand single blade disposables (79 pence) and a can of their extra budget value foam (a whole 36 pence). I decided yesterday evening was a good time for this experiment as I'd have some time to heal up if something unpleasant happened. Plus, I had a reasonable amount of stubble as that morning's shave had been a hurried, 2 pass affair when I usually do 4.

    Found that smearing the foam on the face was a bit messy, especially reapplying for the 3 further passes.
    Unsurprisingly the entirely plastic razor was very light and didn't feel very secure resting on my face.
    However, I completed my usual routine without any bleeding. Result? Well, it had definitely taken something off but it was nowhere as close as I am used to getting, especially on my neck and jaw.

    So, cheapo stuff yields poorer shave, no surprise there right? I looked at it this way. One of my Feather blades, which lasts me 3 shaves no problem, is 17 pence. This single razor was 8 pence and I wouldn't expect it to survive my usual morning forest more than once. So 24 pence for 3 crappy shaves verses 17 pence for 3 DFS/BBS.

    it appears that, for me anyway, the disposables would actually cost more. As to the foam, well, I don't know how long it would last but given I needed 4 huge dollops this single time, I'd guess not very. And it's cold and full of dodgy chemicals (so I've heard). And I can get a tube of proper Palmolive cream for £1.50.

    Is this a long-winded way of justifying acquisition disorder? Perhaps! (I've neglected the cost of a DE razor as I figured £30 for decades of service (potentially) comes down to nothing.)

    I'd say if Scrooge were around now, he'd use a DE.
  2. Yup..............
  3. Yup <squared>

    Sounds about right.
  4. This age old adage certainly still rings true: You get what you pay for.

    That's not to say that some fine, inexpensive products won't work very well...You just gotta know what to look for....but.....ANYTHING beats a disposable and canned goo!!

    I would shave with my "Rambo" knife and a tube of Clubman before I ever let a cartridge touch my face:eek:

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    I came to the same conclusion.

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