Shaving in a hurry?

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  1. This morning I was running late and didn't have time for my newly adopted wet shaving routine.

    What do you guys do when you are short on time but long on whiskers? After the amazingly close shaves I've been getting recently I feel like a hobo today.....
  2. That about sums it up... rushing it ALWAYS provides me with more irritation, nicks, etc.

    I guess if I were in a hurry I would only use the easiest to lather and most forgiving cream (more leeway than soaps IMO) and a less agressive razor/blade combination. Also, I would only concentrate on 1-2 careful passes to keep the time down and not push it.
  3. +1 on that but for moi it's a single ATG pass and out the door :001_smile
  4. I get a good lather quickly with Proraso/Bigelow and 2 passes(WTG+ATG) with Sensor when I am pressed for time.
  5. Den


    When in a hurry I use either my Trac II, Atra or Sensor Excel cartridge razor. When using one of these to shave in a hurry I go XTG and ATG. I gave up the canned goo so I have no other choice but to use cream or soap. If doing it this way causes me to be late, then I'm late. It's either that or I don't shave at all.
  6. I have an Edwin Jagger Mach 3 handle for occasions such as this. I try to schedule my shaves so that I'm always shaving in the evening before bed, though. Remember also that people can't see that micro-stubble for the most part. You can feel it, which is enough to drive you crazy, but most people can't see it.
  7. I bust out the Barbasol yellow or green and my Slim adjustable on an aggressive setting of 5+ and do a quick XTG pass. I find that the Barbasol is thick enough that the fast shave doesn't mess my face up.
  8. Use a cream instead of a soap. I got a wonderful lather with Trumper's Lime this morning in about 30 seconds.

    Use a Trac II, an Atra, or a Sensor.

    Do one or two passes.

    good to go in 5 minutes, and with a quality shave!:thumbup1:
  9. I was too tired last nite to spend the time I usually do (which seems much shorter than others here from my perception) and went for a quick shave of 2 wtg passes using KMF hand lathered and featherAS/feather combo. It was really nice and quick. I was pleasantly surprised.
  10. There's been a few occasions where I was so pressed for time, that I just resort to dusting off the Mach 3 from the medicine cabinet and using it for a shave here and there.
  11. I use my normal method, only with cream: WTG, diagonal ATG and minimal cleanup.
  12. I use my normal workday routine. Tube cream with a brush, one pass and touch up where needed. I can usually knock that out in 3-4 minutes if need be.
  13. Shaving oil can cut my prep time with alot, just lube up with oil before and maybe a little after shower, lather and shave!
  14. Normally if im really in a hurry i just don't shave at all.
    I can't stand the feeling of stubbles when i have passed time to shave.
  15. Kcaps - Thanks for your post. I was wondering the same thing. It is not too difficult for me to get up a little earlier to make room for my new DE shaving program during a normal week.

    However, next week I have a graduate class a little over an hour away. SO I will be up at 4:30 AM instread of 6:30 AM (rough when you normally fall asleep about 1:30). I was thinking about breaking out the Fusion. But after reading a few of your responses I may just have to get up a little earlier than I planned for a proper shave.
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    If I'm pressed for time and I'm not showering I will rinse with hot water and hand lather with something like Cremo Cream. One WTG pass and then some quick ATG touch ups on the cheeks, then a cold water rinse, a quick pass of the Alum and a splash of WH as I'm flying out the door. I can do this in about 5-6 minutes. Personally for me, a Sensor or another type of cartridge isn't any faster than a DE now(for me); I find with a cartridge I have to rinse the razor more frequently thus wasting time, with the DE it's stroke stroke stroke, rotate, stroke stroke stroke, rinse. 99% of the time, a few hours later I wish I had taken 10 minutes and used a brush and done my normal 2.5 passes.
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  17. For me when I'm in a hurry, I'll either bust out a Bic sensitive single blade disposable and some Barbasol (if I'm really desperate). OR and this may sound odd, but stay with me on this...i throw a blade in my barber's straight, face lather with a shave stick or bowl lather a cream, one WTG pass with the straight, then lather up again and do an XTGish/WTGish pass with a ball end tech and I'm good. This works good for me because I don't have to strop that particular straight or anything, and it removes much more in one pass with less irritation than my DE's can, then so I don't get to aggressive, following up with the DE helps to clean up the rest.
  18. I refuse to be in a hurry. Sometimes I am late. They can't rush genius.
  19. I should tell them that at work.

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