Shaving Habits of the British Royal Family?

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  1. While looking at the B&B web site while the recent royal wedding was being televised, it occurred to me that one of the British grooming product lines is (or was) officially connected to the royal family. I think it was Trumper or Penhaligon's. Can anyone confirm? And, for that matter, does that mean they were endorsed and used by male members of the royal family? Are there royal wet shavers among us? That's classy company for a poor country boy like me.
  2. A lot of British shaving companies have Royal Warrants...Harris has one, T&H has one, Kent has one, Trumper's used to have one...

    Also, I seem to recall a thread where Gary mentioned some special brushes Simpson's did (back in the day) for the Royal Family.
  4. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales have personal valets that shave them on a daily basis...
  5. They use the rarest baby seal, or sperm whale blubber based soaps, the finest young baby hair scalps for brushes, and use pure 24K solid gold blades, with pure platinum handles, and are disposable of course, with one shave per cartridge. Oh yeah, and the taxpayers split the tab, and then the general public STILL worships the bluebloods for some reason........Just my take, it may be a little biased though.
  6. Well If I was a Royal I would have a well trained Barber shave me daily!
    With a Great Straight Razor and the finest Cella Cream and a $200 Badger Brush.
  7. I've read (forget where) that Charles doesn't squeeze his own toothpaste onto the brush, a valet does. Makes it kinda hard to picture him building his own lather, wot? :laugh:
  8. Probably use a Fusion and canned goo, like everyone else :001_smile
  9. I lathered Truefitt and Hill soap with a Kent brush this morning, and although I may not be royalty the shave was certainly fit for a king. :thumbup:
  10. I did DR Harris Arlington and totally agree :thumbup:
  11. Prince Charles still uses a DE. I read about it somewhere.
  12. Yes, your correct, he does use a de:thumbup1:
  13. I didn't know prince Charles needed a shave at all, I mean, does he have any facial hair? Don't know about William though.
  14. As for the shaving... Well, i suspect they probably have their very own shaving soap/cream produced exclusively for them to use, not for us commoners. Brush wise, hmmmm. Will have to be British, so MAYBE a Kent, but I'd wager it were a Simpsons.
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  15. "Dear Matthew from QCS, may I plze have 1 tub of Rose Otto shaving cream shipped to me, and also a nice body soap, and a Soap Sudserer. Plze mail it to William, room 213, Buckingham'ses Palace, London, England. Special notes: Please don't label the box. Kate will flip if she sees I im buying more shaving stuff!"
  16. I blame this rampant anti UK sentiment squarely on Mel Gibson!!
    'The Patriot' has done more damage to the American-British relationship than Benedict Arnold ever did.
  17. Gotta give props, that made me laugh! :lol::thumbup1::lol:
  18. It did even more damage to historical accuracy in film
  19. I know I have read that the Prince of Wales still uses a DE. Also I believe that when the Duke of Edingburgh is at Buckingham Palace or Windsor a Barber is sent from Truefitt and Hill daily to shave him and when he is at another residence his shaving is performed by his personal valet.

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